StarCraft II Package "Vorazun: Nerazim" Free @ Twitch Prime

StarCraft II Package "Vorazun: Nerazim" Free @ Twitch Prime

Posted 29th May
Twitch members can now unlock the Vorazun Co-op commander and announcer alongside all-new console skins and race banners.

As part of this bundle, you get :
  • Vorazun Co-op Commander
  • Vorazun Announcer
  • [NEW] Nerazim Protoss Console Skin
  • [NEW] "Live Now" Protoss & Random Banners
  • [NEW] Exclusive Console Skin (All Races)

How To Get The Offer:
Once you’ve signed up for a Twitch Prime membership, linked your Blizzard account, and claimed an offer, please complete the following steps to redeem your StarCraft II offers in the game:

Step 1: Download and install the Blizzard app
Step 2: Launch the app and log in to your linked Blizzard account
Step 3: Click on the gift icon next to your BattleTag
Step 4: Find your StarCraft II reward in the drop-down menu
Step 5: Select your desired gameplay region and click “Claim”
Step 6: Install StarCraft II, launch the game, and enjoy your items!

Once you’ve claimed a StarCraft II offer on this page and as long as you’re a Twitch Prime member, all future offers in this campaign will be automatically delivered to your Blizzard Gift inventory in the Blizzard app as soon as they are active.

Hope it helps someone.
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Ooh nice!
Thanks for the reminder!
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I've been playing StarCraft for over 20 years now - it's still fresh & challenging. It's also now free to download!
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