StarCraft II: Winds of Liberty   £27.99 @ GAME!

StarCraft II: Winds of Liberty £27.99 @ GAME!

Found 18th Feb 2011
Cheapest price out there (as far as i know) ^_^


Best game I have ever played. While Starcraft 1 was more innovative at the time, going back to it after playing Starcraft 2 is a complete pain because everything has been made so much more fluent. I have played over 1500 league games, which would mean that I have already spent over 500 hours into this game, not counting custom games, chatting with friends etcetera

Yes, Gameplay are leading the way with prices this week. Amazon and Play made slight reductions but nothing as generous as Gameplay.

is it any good?

Isn't the next chapter imminent? Perhaps a double edition will be released at that time.
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