Stardust Single Disc DVD - £8.00

Stardust Single Disc DVD - £8.00

Found 25th Feb 2008Made hot 25th Feb 2008
Saw this in-store today - Great film, great price. Better than Tesco for once!


voted hot - this is a great price and I really can't understand why anyone would vote it cold?

Ya hot hot hot

good deal and fab film, not my ususal type of film but its fab! did i mention it was fab?!

Thought I'd better post here aswell, seeing as I'd just posted in my previous inferior deal for £9 at Tesco. Good find, voted hot, although as I mentioned in the Tesco thread, it really depends which supermarket you live closest too, is the extra petrol money and time worth a quid if you have a Tesco down the road, but Sainsbury is a bit of a trek! Not trying to diminsih this post in any way, it is better than mine, just worth bearing in mind, I get the feeling sometimes that people don't take these things into consideration. Also it is £9 delivered from Tesco Jersey if anybody is interested.

EDIT: Where are my manners, I see it's your first post littlewonder, welcome to the Madhouse, although I see from your join date that you've been lurking for a while!

Bought this today! Woop.

Thanks and welcome - good price, voted hot

great price personaly would not pay 8p for it

Thanks great first post heat and rep to get you started ;0)

how much is ASDA selling it for in-store?

Heat and rep added

Picked one up last night and was going to post but you beat me to it!

Hot considering Play is charging 12.99!!

Asda have it for £9 (i got it from there yesterday as sainsburys was 15miles away)
Morrisons have it for £12.97 (can't understand that as new releases are normally £9)
Therefore Sains is the best price but like previous poster pointed out - it all depends on which is the closest.
Good find - Good price - Good film - voted hot.

If you print the post off and take to your local supermarket, they might price match. I've done it before in Asda when I've tried getting something but it was sold out in Tesco.

Typical, bought this from ASDA for £9...

I bought this yesterday at Tesco. I only had time to go to one shop before closing time and figured Tesco would be cheaper than Sainsbury's.

What's it about ?
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