Stargate Atlantis Season 2 DVD £26.99

Stargate Atlantis Season 2 DVD £26.99

Found 1st Mar 2007

I have found the Stargate Atlantis Season 2 boxset for £26.99. But its REGION 1. Its still a good offer though.

2 things I am unsure about really, one is can you have quidco on your purchase and would you have to pay import tax as it comes from USA?



not sure about quidco but i've had dvd's from play usa and there was no tax to pay.. i think there is a limit for it to be tax free

Quidco seems unlikely as your cashback is dependent on you using their link for it to track & their link only goes to (UK).
As for taxes, anything over an £18 value SHOULD be taxable coming into the country, but I've had some very 'inventive' values for DVD's put on the outside of packaging meaning that it avoids this.

Probably worth a punt as the Tax won't exceed the diff between this & £40 odd quid that Woolies want (as the next 'cheapest').

I bought it from DVD Pacific ([url][/url]) for $34.43. This works out about £17.60 plus £3.85 postage and no Customs Charge. I received it on Tuesday (at the same time as "Sapphire & Steel" from Caiman).

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