Stargate Atlantis Series 1 - 5 Region 1 79.99 @ Amazon

Stargate Atlantis Series 1 - 5 Region 1 79.99 @ Amazon

Found 12th May 2010
The Stargate universe is exhilaratingly expanded and the epic feel of the franchise is perfected in this acclaimed spin-off of the Stargate SG-1 series, itself spun-off from the 1994 blockbuster from director Roland Emmerich. In Stargate Atlantis, an international crew of scientists and soldiers finds yet another Stargate... One which leads to the Lost City of Atlantis. This Stargate, though, isn't on Earth but in the far-away Pegasus Galaxy, and the secret city holds a formidable new enemy--the Wraith. This release includes the complete series.

Sadly its a Region 1. But compared to the 119 you pay for a new one on amazon it looks like a good deal.


Great tv show I loved it puts stargate universe to shame !!:thumbsup:

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Very true

Bargain! Shame I only need the final season...

universe ain't that bad, it's just a different take on the whole stargate concept. It is slowly getting there but it is taking its bloody time...


I just found series 1 on CDWOW who are selling it for just £15.6…269
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