Stargate Continuum (Blu-ray) - £4.99 @ Gamestation
Stargate Continuum (Blu-ray) - £4.99 @ Gamestation

Stargate Continuum (Blu-ray) - £4.99 @ Gamestation

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This second feature-length film based in the STARGATE SG-1 universe, a follow-up to STARGATE - THE ARK THE TRUTH, finds the SG-1 crew attending the execution of the nefarious Ba'al, the supposed final System Lord of the galaxies-spanning dominant alien race Goa'uld. When Teal'c and Vala suddenly evaporate into thin air, however, the rest of the crew heads back to Earth as quickly as possible in hopes to get to the bottom of their bizarre disappearances. What they find is worse than they could have ever imagined. A world in which the Stargate was never discovered awaits them, thus negating much of their own history and personal pasts. Before they can convince the military that not only did this time-tampering occur, but that it is the handiwork of Ba'al, hundreds of Go'uld ships line Earth's orbit. It's up to Maj. Gen. Jack O'Neill (MACGYVER's Richard Dean Anderson) and the rest of crew to set things right before Ba'al conquers the world in this thrilling time-travel adventure featuring a cadre of beloved characters.


Out of stock. But I already voted hot after I saw it said in stock. Stupid GS.

Edit: Forgot to mention, I only realised there was no stock when I tried to add it to the basket.
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It was in stock when I posted because I went through to the basket to check if they charged postage. Someone got lucky. I'll expire if someone else can too.
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