Stargate Special Edition £3.99 at HMV (released 4/8/2008) 7% Quidco

Stargate Special Edition £3.99 at HMV (released 4/8/2008) 7% Quidco

Found 1st Aug 2008
Next best price on this new release is £8.83 at numerous online retailers.

Out 4/8/2008

"In this visually creative space adventure from the team that would go on to give the world INDEPENDENCE DAY and GODZILLA, a timid, glasses-wearing Egyptologist (Spader) uncovers an ancient portal to another planet and is dispatched there forthwith--along with blundering, clodfooted government troops (led by Russell). The downtrodden populace they encounter, ruled by godlike, androgynous King Ra (Davidson, in his first role after becoming a star in THE CRYING GAME), must be led to literacy and freedom; Ra must be defeated; the intellectual must find his machismo; our boys must return to Earth."


good,good,but what is on the 2nd disc?

The discs contain one version of the film each (Theatrical and Director's Cuts) audio commentaries, the trailer and some documentaries. I thought they cancelled the two-disc until next year?

And the offer doesn't just apply to this release, either.
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