Starlytes Soy Blend Scented Small Jar Candles Peach Mango Sorbet Or Soft Linen, 85g/3oz, £1 @ Poundland In Store

Starlytes Soy Blend Scented Small Jar Candles Peach Mango Sorbet Or Soft Linen, 85g/3oz, £1 @ Poundland In Store

LocalFound 22nd Dec 2016
Saw these in my local TJ Hughes for around £1.49, they seem strongly-scented. Just about to test one out! These are from the Trongate, Glasgow store.

This size is online for around £2.50-£2.99.

Xmas 3 piece set is £4 at The Works…080

Poundland also has Mainstays (a Wal-Mart brand) Wax Melts x 6 in Sweet Pea in this store - a few others out there too, such as Garden Rain and Dreamsicle (Union Street, Glasgow). These are really strong and highly recommended (along with their Coley & Gill-Poundland-brand 40 pack of tealights, which burn for 4 hours or so).
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May as well show you what else I got as I contribute to the MSE thread

From Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, Jacob's Christmas Crackers 250g (took a pic of the back of the pack so you can see what's in them - not sure what's so Xmassy about them*?).

Good little extra for Barbies or similar, Bella Doll Outfits (two boob tube dresses with comb and handbag), and Urban Girl Doll Outfits (boob tube dresses, a bit more contemporary, with handbag and comb).

*savingmonkey on MSE tells me that it says "Happy Christmas" on the cream crackers
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Thanks for your postings louiselouise! Always good to see what you've bought from places that are relatively local to me too!
Hate to be the bearer of bad news but BBC's 'Trust me I'm a doctor' issued a health warning about scented candles.
Not sure about the Starlyte candles. Even though they smell strong unlit, couldn't determine much scent from the Soft Linen one, which I had burning for around five hours yesterday. The Peach Mango Sorbet one seems much stronger.

juddking, aren't there health warnings about everything? No doubt there will be one contradicting that health warning soon - once upon a time we were told to all buy margarine and now we're told full fat cream and butter is actually better for us!

And what about those automatic spray air fresheners/plug ins (which I can't actually use, as they make me wheeze) - surely air fresheners come into a similar bracket?

Like everything, moderation is best - no doubt.
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