Starmo 10W (100W Equiv) Silver PIR LED Floodlight/Security Light - £7.99 Delivered @ Amazon (Dispatched/sold by UK Home & Garden Store Ltd)

Starmo 10W (100W Equiv) Silver PIR LED Floodlight/Security Light - £7.99 Delivered @ Amazon (Dispatched/sold by UK Home & Garden Store Ltd)

Found 11th Nov 2017
Noticed this whilst looking for some other lights on Amazon. No idea on the quality of this light, the Amazon reviews seem to suggest that it's ok. Has an IP44 rating which is the minimum for exterior lights.

Starmo 10w PIR LED Floodlight, Matt silver finish with tempered glass. Up to 10 Minute on time and up to 12m range, IP44 Rated. Trail lead - 0.5m, PIR angle 120 Degrees, no manual override and LED beam angle:120 degrees.
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I'll give it a whirl for that price. Thanks for posting.
£17 here
I bought two similar ones - I expect there are a lot the same bearing different makers marks, and after about a year both were like aquaria, semi filled with water and not working. I'm not sure that IP44 is good enough for the UKs weather.

According to light supplier Lyco, IP44 is the very minimum for outside use, although with my experience I'd go for something a little better if you can afford it.

10W BTW is more than adequate to light a dark set of steps or small area.
Ordered thanks
After a bit of experimenting and a lot of consideration, I decided to fit new LED bulbs to my old and reliable halogen security lights rather than risk changing them all entirely and possibly ending up disappointed. Tried a few obscure cheap bulb brands with results ranging from a little disappointing to disastrous but then decided to spend a bit more and I'm very happy with the results. I've now fitted them all with various bulbs from this range....…031
Good deal.... thanks
Should be OK if sheltered but if exposed a ip 5 (water) would be advisable. You have question if these are really tested or just based on the components and design.
I like the colour
9.99 now 😑
9.99 - Expired!

I've put up a new thread for the black version that is still £7.99 delivered from the same seller on Amazon.
The new deal is HERE
whyme11th Nov buy these ones good quality and only £6.31.Or if you want cheaper ones try these at only £4.72. do not deliver to UK, you have to use

The black £4.72 light is £11.29 in UK, and the white £6.31 light is £14.99.
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