Stars Catalogue - Wii Points Available! In '1000' only

Stars Catalogue - Wii Points Available! In '1000' only

Found 11th Aug 2008
The Wii Points is available to purchase using your stars at the minute

4000 Stars = 1000 Wi shop channel points

It isn't a great deal, but I check this very often and it's the first time I have ever seen it available

>200 available at the minute


Nice find - i haven't looked for ages - as you say, i've never ever seen them have any available

Sadly i've only got enough stars for 500 points, so i'll have to wait - but it's good to see there are finally some available


They make different values available every day, they just get snapped up rediculously quickly.

if you keep checking im sure some 500's will become available later today...

Hmm... I want to buy some with my Star points but as I don't have a Wii I can't link the accounts?

300's are available....1200 stars tho! :shock:

Anyone help me?

I have 400 points from club nintendo from converted stars

I have linked my club nintendo account in the wii shop channel but when I view my points total I can't see these points.

Have I missed a step?


Why cold? It is something for nothing after all, Thanks just got 300 wii points for my stars - first time EVER! Heat and Rep!

i bought 1000 points the other day for 4000 stars, thought this was available all the time?

They normally have a bigger selection of denominations available most evenings on the Nintendo site at between 11pm and 3am.
They do get snapped up quickly though and Nintendo only allow you to make one 'transaction' per day.

Just incase anyone isnt aware the rate of conversion is 4 nintendo stars to 1 wii point.

Not really sure that this is a deal though?

thanks for that! I have been trying to get these points for ages just got 1000 points :thumbsup:

All 4 denominatiosn are available right now

Finally got my 500 points :thumbsup:

Good deal, but on 1st July, Nintendo deleted all Star points which were over 24 months old. I lost 2500 points! Hence, I'll vote this hot for those people who do still have star points, but have vowed to never buy anything Nintendo again because I was waiting to be able to convert them to Wii points!


[rant over]
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