Stars Catalogue - Wii Points Available! In '1000' Only
Stars Catalogue - Wii Points Available! In '1000' Only

Stars Catalogue - Wii Points Available! In '1000' Only

There are currently '500' & '1000' Wii points available using your stars.

500 points = 2,000 stars
1,000 = 4,000 stars

There are currently >200 Wii points cards of this type still available for both.

Good for those who keep checking and never seem to find any available.

500 points now all gone!!!

It has taken me a long time getting loads of 100 points cards instead of the larger amounts as that's all that has available at the time.


Thanks Stacey - finally managed to get some! Heat and Rep

Heat & Rep, thanks

Thanks a lot! I'd forgotten all about the 4000 stars I had.

There are only 1000 points available now - no 500 ones.......

I want the Club Nintendo mugs to come back in stock myself

hey. I thought these were always available

it's a bit of a bum deal really.

I'm saving up for the zelda notebook

OK having 2 kids that have had a Wii for six months now - (please can someone tell me what Wii points or stars are! + how do i get hold of them, spend them & would i benifit from having them

Must of had my head burried in the sand - cause i aint ever seen these before

Original Poster

You get stars in most of the nintendo games that you buy, look for a piece of card which asks you to register with a scratch panel on it. Use this number to register the game online and you get stars as reward. Collect these stars and you can redeem them for wii points or other goodies on the nintendo website.

The wii points enable you to purchase games and other software on your wii over the internet. There are some really good games that you can buy with your points.

Hope thats helps and that it makes sense.

They have a nice faq page here which should help you ]https//wi…tml

this is daft...

hot but nintendo are soooooo frustrating!
i've had about 7000 stars and have had to keep getting 100 point card since it started.cant see why they dont just lt you change them when you want, like ordering with them
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