Start The Party! - Playstation Move Compatible £20.98 @ Gamesek

Start The Party! - Playstation Move Compatible £20.98 @ Gamesek

Found 5th Dec 2010
Plus £1.99

Move Party! is a fast-paced and interactive, social, party game for PlayStation 3 in which the players are the stars. Utilizing the combined strengths of the PlayStation Move Controller and the PlayStation Eye peripheral, it literally places players in the game like they never thought possible. Move Party! contains more than 20 mini-games, with support for up to 4 players, competitive, cooperative and customizable team modes, innovative video and audio technology, PlayStation Network support and more.

A new benchmark in augmented/virtual reality, Move Party!'s utilization of the combined features of the powerful and precise PlayStation Move controller and the PlayStation Eye peripheral allows the player and the virtual world props featured in the game to interact so convincingly, that players believe they are holding real props in their own bare hands.

The PlayStation Eye acts as a camera/motion capturing device, in this case using the light given off by the handheld Move controller to precisely replicate players' motions and intent in the game's more than 20 mini-games. Translated light data is in turn relayed through the PlayStation Eye's camera capabilities, which projects the captured image and actions of the player on the screen in context with game elements and characters. In addition, a representation of the virtual tool featured in each mini-game overlays the actual image of the player's in-hand Move controller. This in effect places the player in the game like never before. Mini-games are PlayStation Network compatible and support up to four players, competitive, cooperative and customizable team modes and the ability to use the PlayStation Eye to save player specific icons and record their spoken names.


surprised this isnt hotter, best price i can find too

Hot! This game is mental! X)
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