StarTrek: Bridge Crew (PSVR) - £29.99 @

StarTrek: Bridge Crew (PSVR) - £29.99 @

Found 23rd Jun 2017
I was pricing around for this as a potential purchase (as Farpoint & aim controller seems to be non-existent
This was the cheapest price I could find for new. Also quidco available.
Hope it helps somebody!
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Game-play looks a bit shallow but for the "WOW" factor its a game i would love to have a go on.
great game best social game in vr at the moment and not shallow
That's deep man deep
does this have a single player campaign or is it multiplayer only? has anyone played online and is it any good?
It has single player and now has IBM Watson voice recognition update (which I havent tried but I hear is good. Check out reddit psvr page). I can vouch for multiplayer being really good. Probably helps if you are a star trek fan though.
The is the real VR system seller. It's great.
I don't have a PSVR, but i do have a DK2, and i just bought this for £20 from ebay(code sent by mail)...can't wait.

So heat from me, main phaser bank lancing, torpedo blasting, heat.
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