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25% off all breakdown cover for NHS Staff @ Start Rescue
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Posted 27th JunPosted 27th Jun
25% off all breakdown cover for NHS Staff @ Start Rescue
I’ve just picked up vehicle only cover (roadside and national recovery) for £21.43 for the year. Roadside + national recovery + at home = £29.08 I think vehicle cover depends on… Read more
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not sure




What does this mean? If you lose or break your keys we will pay the call out and mileage back to our Recovery Operator's base or your home if closer.


Apart from your tyre claim, have you claimed keys? Thank you


Thank you - very tempting to go for them, and complemenating about RAC

Start Rescue Breakdown £25.85 (+20% TCB) inc. National cover, key assist, legal, accident recovery, overnight accommodation and App
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Posted 15th Apr 2017Posted 15th Apr 2017
Start Rescue Breakdown £25.85 (+20% TCB) inc. National cover, key assist, legal, accident recovery, overnight accommodation and App£25.85
Hi Guys, Long time member, first time poster... thought this deal would help at least one person so thought would share... :) Just got NATIONAL breakdown cover from £25.85 from s… Read more

MVC58481599A is the current 15% discount code


Yeah, i will be avoiding.


Thanks op, just picked up 3* cover for £28.xx (20% topcashback too). Heat!


and where time of day is not mentioned, meaning that the vehicle and passengers could be dumped outside the nearest garage at 1am on the Friday of an Easter weekend and have to twiddle thumbs for four days until the garage opened.


Conjecture, but I read the 2* cover t&c with a different implication, where the meaning is clearer on the purchase page that states "...we will arrange for the vehicle, you and up to 6 passengers to be recovered to a garage for repair, your home or original destination, whichever is nearer..."

start rescue various prices starting from £16.49
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Posted 21st Jun 2016Posted 21st Jun 2016
start rescue various prices starting from £16.49£16.49
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Key Assist - sounds like they will call someone to get you a key and you PAY, deal breaker.


No problem with this company. TCB also


Been with them for years they're good, broke down and used them once or twice.... very efficient. Only left them as have a years free aa with my lease car. Definitely be joining again after!. They give you 10% discount annually for renewing!. Heat


Have been with them for a few years now and never had any problems ,very efficient when we broke down on the motorway last year.


Have it and used them. Great service no problem and cheap. I haven't a clue how rac and aa make their prices up. They even took me to my local garage where I have my servicing etc done Heat

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Posted 26th Jan 2016Posted 26th Jan 2016
BREAKDOWN COVER INCLUDING RECOVERY,HOME START,LEGAL EXPENSE.KEY PROTECTION,OVER NIGHT,PLUS LOTS EXTRA & Top cashback 15% £28.79 @ Start Rescue ** No referral codes permitted **£28.79
REALLY VERY good break down cover for only £28.79 I been with them for last 3-years they are really very good average response time less than 30-minutes in 3-years I have to call … Read more
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Deal was posted 4 months ago . Price was correct back then , as i joined myself. I assume price has changed in that time.


Coming to 55 for a 3 star cover - am I missing something?


Thanks OP. Just purchased the 3 star cover, came to £31.90 with a 10% off code I found online (think it's a referral code so cannot post it here). Hope it's good!


Any idea if this is better than Autoaid? Ideally I would like Personal cover, so it should provide breakdown cover if I'm driving my wife's car.


​is that the nationwide account that charges about a tenner a month? I was thinking of signing up to that but maybe not now. You should contact their customer service I've found them to be good at dealing with complaints

15% off renewal / free £100,000 legal expenses cover / 15.15% TCB at
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Posted 7th Dec 2015Posted 7th Dec 2015
15% off renewal / free £100,000 legal expenses cover / 15.15% TCB at
I recently renewed my breakdown cover at, and found a code that gives 15% off all renewals: TK2RENEW Couple that with the 15.15% Topcashback return (confirmed … Read more

Code still working, thanks.


If the code works then who are they to argue? Go for it I say! Also, for any nay-sayers, my brother is covered by Start Rescue and his exhaust fell out on the motorway last week. Called them, and was attended after about an hour. No problems, so what more do you want? :)


Renewal discount seems to apply when taking out a new policy, do you reckon they'll give me grief if I proceed with it?


After the RAC damaged my car when securing it to a low loader they demonstrated staggering levels of arrogance, refusing steadfastly to accept any liability whatsoever despite being presented photographic and physical evidence. Not sure you chose the better company there I am afraid.


I've been with them past 3 years and even referred parents, great service and I like the app on the few times they've been needed I've gone with 2gether this year as there is a 50% discount code which meant start couldn't come close on price for an older vehicle Don't discount them though

National Roadside Assistance + Home Start + Lots Of Extras £35.45yr + 15.75% Tcb @ Startrescue / Moneysupermarket
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Posted 15th Feb 2015Posted 15th Feb 2015
National Roadside Assistance + Home Start + Lots Of Extras £35.45yr + 15.75% Tcb @ Startrescue / Moneysupermarket£35.45
This last week i have used a local recovery service because my alternator failed on my car, I didn't have any roadside cover so has cost me a fortune. So iv'e just decided to do a … Read more

bought the 3 star policy hope i dont need to use it but if i do its great to hear good reviews on these guys.


Added some more heat.. Just gone with these guys after The AA wanted £165 to renew (which they offered to knock down to £108 when I phoned up to cancel my policy). Fingers crossed I won't need to use them, but I've read some pretty good reviews in the event that I do.


Me neither.


What do you mean by 30 mins ? I can't see anything about time in the policy.



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Breakdown Cover - Start Rescue, from £17.79 with 15.75% TCB
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Posted 15th Jan 2015Posted 15th Jan 2015
Breakdown Cover - Start Rescue, from £17.79 with 15.75% TCB£17.79
My breakdown cover with AA came to an end, and i was paying about £150. Then i went to renew, and they decided to charge me £260!! Anyways, did a bit of research and found these gu… Read more

Plus 15% Quidco now :)


Excellent service from these guys. Follow up phone calls to check all went ok and if there was anything else they could do. Can't rate them enought :-)


thanks was about to renew with green flag for £64.66, this cost me £35.45 for same cover :)


Sorry, we were not able to provide cover for that vehicle because - the vehicles LENGTH exceeds the maximum permitted.


It specifically asks for the age of the car and then gives a quote accordingly, so i find that hard to believe.

Start Rescue Breakdown Cover (Roadside Recovery + Home) £35.45 + 15.15% TCB (£30.07 after cashback)
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Posted 27th Mar 2013Posted 27th Mar 2013
Start Rescue Breakdown Cover (Roadside Recovery + Home) £35.45 + 15.15% TCB (£30.07 after cashback)£35.45
This will either go hot or cold, but im sick of not receiving cashback and paying full wack for breakdown cover so at least with this one its cheap to start off with and if you get… Read more

Don't waste your time with this lot. bunch of crooks


thanks, got one


Is any one a member and can give a recommendation never heard of this organisation before what are they like for 24 hour cover ? I live in a rural area SW Scotland.


TCB Link -

StartRescue breakdown cover incl HomeStart £35.45 + 15.45% TCB
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Posted 2nd Jan 2012Posted 2nd Jan 2012
StartRescue breakdown cover incl HomeStart £35.45 + 15.45% TCB£35.45
Firstly, this is not a new or reduced price. this is their normal advertised price. I'm posting this so it helps others in case they weren't aware but also in response to this Au… Read more

I emailed Startrescue about this taking to a local garage to be ripped off sorry i mean repaired they emailed me back and said if its under 80miles they would usually take you home,Now thats no good to me if i break down anywhere i want the car taken home (son in law is a mechanic mot tester),But most of the rescue services are saying this in the small print now,So i stayed with More Than breakdown been with them about 5 years and they do take you on to destination or home,Full cover including Europe was £67, If it wasn't for the taking to a garage i would have gone for this because if i took the personal cover on top that would cover my Mazda pickup which for some reason not many want to cover.


that was the point I made - I have the kit to plug into my car and check it out - and often fix stuff myself, so why would I go to some random place of their choosing


Very true and same choice applies for me. I'm due for renewal in Feb so got time to shop around or wait for a deal to pop up. I shall give them a ring anyway to confirm that i have understood their policy correctly.


Yes , but as someone mentioned , I would always want to choose which garage to use , that's if I couldn't fix the problem myself . I wouldn't want my vehicle to towed to some very expensive dealership and get robbed .I would want to bring the vehicle back to my home and diagnose any problems then take it from there . I'm sure other recovery firms give you the choice.


Seems bit odd to me. On a mid to long journey, you are almost always going to be closer to a garage than your home or destination.

Car Breakdown Cover From £15.56 + Free Legal Cover @ start rescue + possible 15% Cashback !
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Posted 15th Sep 2011Posted 15th Sep 2011
Car Breakdown Cover From £15.56 + Free Legal Cover @ start rescue + possible 15% Cashback !£15.56
Use code MVC58481599A for 15% discount + possible 15% Top Cash Back Best deal 3 Star Cover for £30.13 , Homestart, Roadside,Recovery, Key Assist, Accommodation, etc £25.62 after… Read more

This still works folks. Thanks OP.


This is still working...


I had M&S car insurance & had horrendous experience when needed to use the RAC breakdown cover inc with the policy. They claimed I was not covered. Had to call AA in the end. When I got home I sent letter of complaint & proof of breakdown cover. M&S were awful. Never even apologised, said what did I expect anyway, I had no right to complain as it was free - I pointed out it wasn't, as their wording stated it was inc in the policy cost - over £350 of it! RAC were better, at least eventually got an apology off them & a few months free cover but apparently it was M&S's fault all along. They never even sent my details through to RAC for them to set up my breakdown cover in the first place - you have been warned!


am I missing something but unable to find anywhere on start rescue website to put the discount code in?


What happens if you break down at 4am in the morning, are there many 24/7 local recovery garages out there.

Breakdown cover including recovery, onward, home start & more - from £30.13 per year @ Start Rescue
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Posted 2nd Feb 2011Posted 2nd Feb 2011
Breakdown cover including recovery, onward, home start & more - from £30.13 per year @ Start Rescue£30.13
This seems like a cracking deal considering what is included. They generally get decent reviews as well. Price of £30.13 for the year covers the vehicle, not the person, and you n… Read more

On their homepage, select the year of manufacturer and it amends the price. It is more for an older car but still competitive.


does the age of vehicle matter? mine is 15/16 years old and will soon not be covered with"free" breakdown cover because of age so this could be good for me


Well, IMO this is a hot deal. I mainly do local trips within a 20 mile radius of my home - so this is ideal. It's worth it as it's still cheaper than paying for a single tow in most areas. Home start is one of the more appealing aspects of this for me as well ... as to get that you almost always have to buy the more expensive RAC/AA packages.


It just put me off, onward travel is fine but your car may be stuck as a bad garage 200 miles from home, with the need to go back and collect it on the train once fixed.


I see what you mean. Well, maybe it isn't quite the same. But for the price difference, I'm happy with what it does offer to be honest. I rarely do long trips anyway :-)