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StarTropics (NES) Wii U - £3.49 - Nintendo eShop
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StarTropics (NES) Wii U - £3.49 - Nintendo eShop

Posted 11th Jan

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Noticed this on the Nintendo eShop, have heard it's a well-regarded game.

Thought it was a decent price considering most retro digital games to buy for Wii U seem to always be at least a fiver.
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unrelated, but if you subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online this is one of the free NES games
sneakyduck11/01/2020 01:12

also: …also: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/03/nintendo_forgot_that_you_cant_complete_startropics_without_the_original_nes_manual

Ha ha oh no, I bet there are probably lots of 8-bit and 16-bit era games where the manual had content you needed to look up that isn’t covered in this emulation scenario.

I remember Atari ST games I think like Leisure Suit Larry where it told you to go to a certain page and input it, an early form of ensuring you had purchased the game. Kind of exciting having to do it in a way, like an adventure / treasure hunt element
I played some of this on Switch and thought it was really good
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