State Of Play DVD £4.25 delivered @ Tesco (£5 without code)

State Of Play DVD £4.25 delivered @ Tesco (£5 without code)

Found 7th Aug 2010
State Of Play DVD £4.25 delivered @ Tesco (£5 without code)

Amazon, HMV & Play all have it for around £5 if you have used the code and don't want to use a new email address

THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND director Kevin McDonald teams with screenwriter Matthew Michael Carnahan for this American adaptation of the hit BBC miniseries concerning the suspicious circumstances that set a rising congressman and a dogged reporter on a dangerous collision course. U.S. congressman Stephen Collins (Ben Affleck) is handsome, unflappable, and ascending the ladder of power with unprecedented speed. He's the future of his political party, and as the chairman of a committee assigned to oversee defence spending, he's got all the right connections. As the presidential race draws near, Washington insiders begin to speculate that Collins will earn his party's nomination for the country's top job. The prospect of Collins becoming president seems less and less likely, however, when his research assistant/mistress is viciously murdered, and some unsavoury truths begin to surface. Collins was once a close friend to Cal McAffrey (Russell Crowe), now a top reporter in the nation's capitol. Assigned the task of investigating Collins by his ruthless editor, Cameron (Oscar-winner Helen Mirren), McAffrey recruits fellow reporter Della (Rachel McAdams) in order to track down the truth and identify the killer. But McAffrey has just walked into a cover-up of unprecedented proportions, and in a game where billions of dollars are at stake, life, love, and integrity are luxuries that simply cannot be afforded.

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£2.99 at ASDA (in-store).
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