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STATUS Car Bulb Replacement Kit £2.69 In Store @ Home Bargains Parc Tawe
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STATUS Car Bulb Replacement Kit £2.69 In Store @ Home Bargains Parc Tawe

Posted 2nd Oct 2018Local
Obviously, not as good as a top branded high intensity bulb, but,
With dark winter nights just around the corner spare car light bulbs are a good item to carry. Since a standard bulb is £5 at Halfords, this complete kit of bulbs and some blade fuses is quite cheap. Identical looking kit in Screwfix is £4.99.
Maybe available nationwide.
3 x headlight bulbs (H4 60 / 55W, H1 55W and H7 55W), 4 x bulbs (2 x 12V 5W, 12V 21/5W and 12V 21W ) and 3 x fuses (10A, 15A and 20A).
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Bargain heat
A lot of cars now are 100% led probably why they are on sale.
True, but hundreds of thousands of older cars run good old halogen. But, I agree, it is a dying tech.
Brought one the h7 didn't work others are still in glove box but handy to have
Yes, I wondered if I'd get a dud, but the H4 was fine. Being banged around in the shop probably as much to blame as the quality.
Some bulbs on cars are a pain to replace so sometimes worth paying a little extra to get a bulb that will last a long time.
Useful for Europe where you are required to carry spare bulbs in many countries, even if, as johnk1 notes, realistically you won;t be able to change them easily should a bulb blow.
Just in case anyone was tempted by this item I put up . Don’t bother, bulb lasted 5 weeks. Buy cheap buy twice lesson learned 😡
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