STEALTH DVD £2 @ Morrisons
STEALTH DVD £2 @ Morrisons

STEALTH DVD £2 @ Morrisons

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This high-action flight movie centres on a team of three sexy stealth bomber pilots who are forced to fly with EDI (Extreme Deep Invader), a computer-manned prototype plane that specialises in extra-precision bombing. The brainchild of a Bill Gates-esque wunderkind (Richard Roxburgh), EDI has the ability to learn at a fantastic rate, talks like HAL from 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY, and likes to listen to hard rock before going into combat. Before long, a freak accident causes it to question authority and launch an attack on Russia. W.D. Richter's script probes big issues involving man, machine, and the nuclear fate of the free world (Read: DR. STRANGELOVE meets THE TERMINATOR). But this is also an action thrill ride from Rob Cohen the man responsible for THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS and XXX replete with some truly tremendous explosions and speeds that outdo any mph records set in Cohen's past oeuvre. Jessica Biel (TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE) is tough and surprisingly believable as the token female fighter pilot, while Jamie Foxx (RAY) makes a fine wingman to the daredevil squadron leader played by Josh Lucas. Sam Shephard (THE RIGHT STUFF) is their commanding officer, with Joe Morton playing a shady politician.

Next cheapest i could find is £3.99 @ HMV


Its a shame its a pile of unmitigated crap though. And I like sci-fi and plane based films. I would save the two quid towards a decent film.


Possibly the worst film I have ever seen, and I've seen Escape From LA.

Agreed. I watched it once then took it to the charity shop. Rubbish film.

Superb, brilliant film. But only because of the scene with Jessica Biel in a bikini. The rest of it was bobbins.
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