Steam 2K Mega Pack £59.99 down from £250

Steam 2K Mega Pack £59.99 down from £250

Found 26th Dec 2010
Just found this under steam deals - I know the steam deals were posted as one deal, but this one in particular is very good - Over 30 games for a fraction of the price seperatly and of course you get them on your steam account forever!

Includes Bioshock 1 & 2, Borderlands and all Sid Meiers games (civilization)


"forever" or until steam shuts down their services. Then you lose access to all your titles.

Oh of course until steam also decides theres a problem with your payment and disables you account.

Good deal though.

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Ok, well for the foreseeable future - I expect by the time steam shuts down its service, games will be fully on demand by then anyway so you'll never need to 'own' anything...I digress

Spammed - already posted when sale started
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