[Steam] Cities: Skylines - £3.86 - Voidu

[Steam] Cities: Skylines - £3.86 - Voidu

Found 16th Apr 2018
Use code voidu3 at checkout. Cheapest ever price I think?

As a modern take on a classical genre, Cities: Skylines is a city simulation game with unique features that lets players experience the joy and trouble of building a real city with a complete transport system.

Colossal Order, the developer studio of the Cities in Motion, is also in charge of Cities: Skylines. The multi-layered and challenging simulation will be balanced with the ability to modify the gameplay. With numerous options, the sky is the limit when it comes to your control over your city.

Build your city from scratch

You'll pick up the basics to build your city from scratch in a matter of minutes. But mastering them is another story. As you assume the role of the mayor, you'll be tested with a bunch of essential concerns like education, police, firefighting, water, electricity, and healthcare.

The fully functional transportation systems found in the game is as realistic as ever thanks to the developers' experience in city simulation games.
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Anybody confirm how legit the site is? Was tempted by this at £7 on cdkeys
Fantastic game and a great price too. Heat.
I do not want to buy this game, however I checked TrustPilot after seeing quite a few Voidu deals being posted of late and it appears from nearly all bad TrustPilot reviews you MUST ensure your Voidu account email matches your primary PayPal email address otherwise you may run into delays or cancellations. Just check your primary PayPal email address matches Voidu account before purchase :-)
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BIGPHIL6927 m ago

Anybody confirm how legit the site is? Was tempted by this at £7 on cdkeys

I asked the same question on the last deal from this site.

Seems pretty legit; if you read the trustpilot reviews and not the score on its own. People are not reading instructions correctly.
Gave it a shot, worth noting it went to 3.98 when converted to pounds on the homepage and went through at 4.15 on PayPal, still a steal.
Just bought this on g2a for about 6 quid. Incredible for that price, let alone sub 4. Just don't forget to sleep. Keep a clock near the computer or you run the risk of looking down at 7 in the evening then look up and it's daylight again. Dangerous stuff.
This is an awesome game. Hot!
The thing about them asking to register with the same email address as the paypal email address seems very suspicious . I've never ever seen that requirement on any kind of shop.

I hope no one is registering to that site using the same password they use for the paypal account
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