Steam cleaner -Asda Direct £18.00

Steam cleaner -Asda Direct £18.00

Found 19th Oct 2014
Cheapest one I found after looking all weekend! Don't forget quidco too.
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Great price, but you spent all weekend trying to save a few quid on a steam mop?
had 1 of these-more steam off my kettle
Lol oddballjamie, believe it or not I have been looking for a while and this has good write ups so thought it was worth a punt.
I've had the same one for a couple of years. Decided on it within seconds, not days.
So you don't agree with debis17 then?
voted hot :-)
JezzaP - there are a lot of reviews on the steamer's Asda website entry - just follow the link and have a look - most are positive, a few less so
I have this and don't find it good. It drips a lot
i had it and returned it, just leaked everywhere almost as if it wasn't getting hot enough to steam properly...
Out of stock now
absolute rubbish it leaks not enough steam and the handle is weak it will break.. spend a little more and get a better one
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