steam daily deals - dawn of war 2 £13.60  burnout paradise £7.49  torchlight £3.75

steam daily deals - dawn of war 2 £13.60 burnout paradise £7.49 torchlight £3.75

Found 27th Nov 2010
steam black friday daily deals, expire and a new set goes up at 6pm sat

dawn of war 2 & chaos rising expansion - £13.60
indie games clever pack inc. world of goo - £3.99…87/
torchlight - £3.75
machinarium - £3.75
burnout paradise ultimate ed. - £7.49

personally if i didn't already have them i'd jump at dawn of war (plays more like an RPG than a RTS though) and torchlight, and i'm definately getting the indie games pack just like the last 2 days even though i have world of goo (worth price for that alone IMO). few other games on offer like blur, empire : total war and tropico 3 but nothing inspiring. note there does seem to be a crossover of an hour or two where most previous days deals and new sale items are available (ran home from work to get thursdays stuff)

also final fantasy XI is a fiver with all expansions and addons plus a month of playtime for a new account, sounds worth a go but with the new FF online can anyone tell me if this game is worth even a month of time ? that deal is valid till 29th according to official site

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FFXI has a very high learning curve but it's playable where FFXIV isn't! They have already extended the free 'included' time twice because the game is so laggy & basically 'hard work' to play.
Pity because I really had high hopes for this game until I played the Beta.

Bought the game hoping they'd sort the annoying UI & irritating menu system... but I wouldn't hold my breath!
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