Steam Deal: Borderlands (PC) - Four Pack £80.97  (£20.24 each)

Steam Deal: Borderlands (PC) - Four Pack £80.97 (£20.24 each)

Found 24th Oct 2009
If you can find 3 other people who want to play Borderlands then this is the cheapest way to buy Borderlands at the minute.

The Four Pack is £80.97 which works out as £20.24 per copy.

From the site:

"Includes four copies of Borderlands - Send the extra copies to your friends and be ready to jump in 4-player co-op when the game releases."

This is a Pre-Order deal as the game isn't released on Steam until 30th Oct.
I'm not sure if the Pre-Order offer will stand once the game is released on Steam.

For more information on the game goto:
official site -
review -…nds


Hot from me. I imagine cold voters are assuming this deal has already been posted (I posted the equivalent L4D2 one when it first went live).

This deal has been at least a week or so, as that is when I ordered it and three mates have bought the other keys off of me. People preordering from steam can preload it now (I have the game on my hard drive now, but it won't load until Friday).

At the time we ordered it you could get it for £19.99 from shopto, but buying it over steam has several advantages, not least the fact there is such a reliable system for updates, so it is worth the extra 25 and a quarter pence.

I just got this, althou guess it helps I had 3 other people to give copies too :P


Hot if you can find 3 friends wanting this. One can only assume the popularity if it was Modern Warfare 2.
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