Steam Deal: King's Bounty games from £2.49
Steam Deal: King's Bounty games from £2.49

Steam Deal: King's Bounty games from £2.49

1C Company and Kalypso Media Digital are offering 75% off the entire King's Bounty franchise until Thursday!

£2.49 King's Bounty: The Legend
£7.49 King's Bounty: Armored Princess
£8.75 King's Bounty: Gold Edition (contains both above games)

The official demo of King's Bounty: Armored Princess can be found here...



Are these games any good?

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Are these games any good?

Metacritic claims average of 80ish % for each game. You can try the demo of KB: Armored Princess here...


THANKS! wanted get the armored princess one back on the deals but didnt have the fund

The Legend is the better of the two in my mind.
And it's fantastic, this is hot.

Dammitt!!!! I just bought the gold edition in the flippin' Steam Christmas sale a couple of weeks ago!! It was £20ish then and now it's less than half price!

[email protected];7519308

Are these games any good?

Well, I've racked up 53 hours (!) playing King's Bounty: The Legend and I've really enjoyed it up til now. I'm still not near the end either. It's a kind of arcadey rpg/strategy game, very similar to the Heroes of Might and Magic series. A lot of love has gone into the game - the graphics are very pretty, the music is excellent and there's a lot of compelling exploring to be done.

I would say there are a couple of minor niggles - there's no fast travel til late in the game. This means you have to retread a lot of ground to get to a castle to recruit the particular army unit you want (as you don't get your own castles as you do in HoMM). I guess I'm around 75% through the game and I'm finding it a little bit of a slog now - there's a drop off in quests and an increase in fights. More enemies seem to litter the map and you have to battle a lot which makes things rather samey.

Those are rather minor negatives though - at £2.49, this game is an absolute steal! There's tonnes of replay value in it.

Given that Armoured Princess was £30 just before Christmas and is supposed to be even better than the first one, I'd say go for the gold edition!

Oh top tip for King's Bounty: The Legend - set the graphics options to no Antialiasing and 2x Anisotropic filtering. Massively improves games stability.

when King's Bounty: Armored Princess was in the steam sale i though id try the demo first.....luckily i did as i thought it was rubbish...just plain dull, but then i only played it for about 2-3 hours....but then i guess its not quite my favourite type of game...i like rpg's but it was too slow for my liking
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