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Posted 4 March 2023

[STEAM] Death Stranding - Director's Cut (PC) £12.99 @ CDKeys

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  • From legendary game creator Hideo Kojima comes a genre-defying experience, now expanded in this definitive DIRECTOR’S CUT.
  • In the future, a mysterious event known as the Death Stranding has opened a doorway between the living and the dead, leading to grotesque creatures from the afterlife roaming the fallen world marred by a desolate society.
  • As Sam Bridges, your mission is to deliver hope to humanity by connecting the last survivors of a decimated America. Can you reunite the shattered world, one step at a time?
  • DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT on PC includes HIGH FRAME RATE, PHOTO MODE and ULTRA-WIDE MONITOR SUPPORT. Also includes cross-over content from Valve Corporation’s HALF-LIFE series and CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077. Stay connected with players around the globe with the Social Strand System™.
  • All copies of the game will also additionally include:
    • “Selections From ‘The Art of DEATH STRANDING’” Digital Book (by Titan Books)
    • Backpack Patches
    • Bridges Special Delivery Team Suit (Gold)
    • BB pod customization (Chiral Gold)
    • Power Gloves (Gold)
    • Bridges Special Delivery Team Suit (Silver)
    • BB pod customization (Omnireflector)
    • Power Gloves (Silver)
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  1. buliztik's avatar
    Would love it if in honour of the Epic giveaway they just switched it to the standard edition 20 mins into the sale
    Trueogre's avatar
    They didn't switch anything. They advertised the standard edition being the dark cover. Accidently put Directors Cut in version on, whilst still advertising it with the base game graphics. They never advertised the golden copy of the game in their promotion, always the original promo pictures.

    If you wanted to cut of your nose to spite your face and not buy it for 5 quid then that's on you. I've already played 300hrs which was worth the upgrade.

    Also bought it off CD Keys a few weeks ago, because again. The game was worth it. (edited)
  2. Kornel's avatar
    Got it for free from Epic Games around a month ago I think
  3. diddytitz's avatar
    Should be free
    Darth-Skeletor's avatar
    I would like many things to be free too
  4. miaomiaobaubau's avatar
    I was able to get it for free but missed it on another account by few seconds (edited)
    brk96's avatar
  5. EVAzSz-04's avatar
    I have already bought it on PS4 and got the standard edition on epic…. But still kinda want to get it on Steam
  6. gnsks's avatar
    The most exciting thing about this game was arguing online about the Great Director's Cut Swindle :-P
  7. k9plus1's avatar
    great game. i don't play many games let alone finish them. this is one that i did finish last last week after the epic giveaway.

    I'm just a sadist - making Reedus Norman work like a mule.
  8. Relievo's avatar
    I have the standard Epic freebie, is the Directors cut that much different?
    I have so many games I’m yet to play, and not enough life to play them, I think I could live with chewing through the Standard edtn.
  9. Daxter2k2's avatar
    Does the trick of walking out of boss battles still exist?

    I remember Worthabuy doing a review and slating it for the ease of just walking away from any encounters.
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