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Posted 14 February 2024

Steam Deck 512GB - Certified Refurbished

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All Certified Refurbished Steam Decks include:
  • The same one year warranty as a new Steam Deck
  • A refurbished power supply - fully tested (may have minor cosmetic marks)
  • Carrying case and Quick Start guide

All Steam Decks (both LCD and OLED) are powerful, portable, PC gaming devices made for comfort and a console-like experience.

Portability meets power
We partnered with AMD to create Steam Deck's custom APU, optimized for handheld gaming. It is a Zen 2 + RDNA 2 powerhouse, delivering more than enough performance to run the latest AAA games in a very efficient power envelope.

Your Steam Library, anywhere
Once you've logged into Steam Deck, your entire Steam Library shows up, just like any other PC. You'll also see the compatibility rating of each game, indicating the kind of experience you can expect when playing. You can dynamically filter any view in your library by compatibility rating if you're looking for specific sorts of experiences.

Control with comfort
The Steam Deck was built for extended play sessions—whether you're using thumbsticks or trackpads—with full-size controls positioned perfectly within your reach. The rear of the device is sculpted to comfortably fit a wide range of hand sizes.

Console-like experience
Steam Deck has a user-friendly interface specifically designed for its gamepad controls. Its software and operating system are tailored for Steam Deck, making it the easiest way to get into PC gaming.


Steam Deck Certified Refurbished FAQ

What’s the difference between a certified refurbished unit and a new unit?
Certified Refurbished units are returned customer units that have been thoroughly cleaned and tested following the same testing process used for new units. There are no differences in technical or functional specifications between refurbished and new units, but there may be minor cosmetic defects.

Is there a warranty?
Yes. The same warranty you receive with a new unit is provided with each Certified Refurbished unit. If you have an issue with your unit and that issue cannot be resolved it will be replaced with another Certified Refurbished unit.

What are “minor cosmetic defects”?
We consider minor cosmetic defects to be small blemishes or scratches (on the plastic casing, not the screen) generally caused from normal handling of the unit.

How does support work for these units?
As a customer with a Certified Refurbished unit, you will receive the exact same customer support experience through our support teams as you would with a new unit.
Steam More details at
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  1. EagleUK's avatar
    Still don't think it's worth buying over the £479 OLED. For £160 you get a new device, much better battery life / virtually no fan noise, better tuned controls, it's lighter and the screen is a complete game changer.
    maybefoodforthought's avatar
    "the screen is a complete game changer."

    It is 90Hz, a tiny bit bigger, and has much better colour accuracy/saturation. Same resolution and both screens are extremely bright. Battery life is also around 30% better on the OLED model.

    Personally I'd be tempted by the OLED at £479 also, but it's definitely not a game changer. The LCD model is obviously better value for money at £319. You're paying 50% more and the performance is virtually identical. (edited)
  2. RadiantDuck's avatar
    For what is worth, I got the 256gb LCD model at Christmas, I'm more than happy with the screen quality and performance. For those on a budget, I think it's a good buy
    KevlarMonkey's avatar
    Totally agree. If you have steam games on pc (you do) and you want this, you are better spending the extra on your main rig. I have a preorder 512gb and love it. Have zero need to upgrade my tiny lcd screen when I can play on a 55" oled TV. Don't get me wrong, OLED would be lovely but this is a great price.
  3. crack_shot's avatar
    I think its worth waiting for the steam deck 2

    steam deck 2 could (and should) go the route qualcomm cpus. 15w and superior to m2 performance would guarantee hit

    that would make steam deck 2 a legit PC/mac replacement- it might even cause microsoft/apple to start worrying- which means Apple might start releasing a good product
    hukdbarney's avatar
    It's really not. If you want to play games on a handheld device now, then buy it. Life is too short to be constantly waiting for the next thing.

    I have the OLED, my brother has an LCD model - both are excellent, as a busy dad the Deck is revolutionary and I would happily recommend it to anyone.
  4. bryngreen's avatar
    A few points and my 2c:

    Steam cert returns may aswell be new (from experience)

    I've owned all of the models and personally HATED the etched glass, YMMV, BUT you've got the option to put a glass protector on essentially making it glossy.

    Unless you're on a strict budget the OLED is worth every single penny and more, the battery/fans are all very noticable, and the screen is wonderful, (went for 512 for the glossy screen as the colors pop on the oled) not to mention the 90hz.

    Given the use you will get out of it and future resale value, the OLED is simply the better buy.

    Deal is hot though nontheless.

    Speculative - Don't expect a steam deck 2 announcement for quite some time - this is Valve we're talking about.

    Since owning the deck I've found myself gaming alot more than ever just because of the ease, and going through years and years of backlog, I literally can't recommend one enough, but do yourself a favor and go for the OLED if you can afford it.
  5. daftpunk78's avatar
    I’m a happy steam deck owner (oled) with my only negative being Valve quality control / customer service model. My deck had to be returned for repair - as it has to go off to Europe it’s a fairly slow process, and they actually didn’t fully resolve the issue, so it went back again and a replacement now being shipped. There’s no support number, it’s all done via email and can feel painfully slow at times to get a 1 line response. Those challenges aside, the device itself is truly great.
  6. jamhops's avatar
    This is LCD model from what i can see I would spend more on the better model or less on the cheaper one but if you can’t wait this will do (edited)
    Alex_H's avatar
    I agree. Get the cheapest OLED model and get a micro SD card instead or upgrade the internal storage yourself.
  7. Mᴀʀᴛʏɴ's avatar
    it's a good price, but always get the smallest GB, it's much better to get your own 1/2 TB m.2, why pay more for no reason? >.<

    Is it still hit-and-miss on the quality of these or are they all sorted now? had one and the sides weren't aligned? (edited)
    lovetech's avatar
    Agreed, or you can go even bigger (1TB or 2TB) if you prefer.
  8. JoeKing5321's avatar
    For those thinking of the OLED I’ve also been weighing up my cheapest options to get it. Currently looking at giftcardstore.co.uk/dea…fer with the 12% added value. Using those gift cards at Currys to buy steam wallet cards which may allow for an additional TCB cashback of 1-3% I believe. May help someone. The reviews for that gift card store are very mixed leaning n terrible. Though someone on here suggested they’ve used it with no issue (egiftcard not physical)
    squarehead94's avatar
    big risk with gift cards though in case anything goes wrong, faulty & you want your money back, you'll just get it back as a gift card.
  9. komi's avatar
    Wow, what a good price. Even if you dont use this for it's main purpose it can be converted to a PC easily (dock with windows installed) as the CPU is quiet powerful.
    Uridium's avatar
    You can use it as a PC without ruining it by installing Windows
  10. Rik_Powell's avatar
    Good price but after owning both LCD & OLED it's worth the extra to go for the OLED
  11. InfoAddict's avatar
    I'm trying to sell my one of these to put towards an OLED. What can I realistically expect to get, it's only been used sparingly, it's Like New.
    Jack_Shiels's avatar
    You could get around £300. I sold my 64GB with a 512GB SD card for £280 last week.
  12. TheBigLwinski's avatar
    Doesn’t feel that good of a deal considering I paid £270 for a brand new 64gb.
    Kankan101's avatar
    but that from Valve or from heavy discount coded from third party to get that price, that makes it different.
  13. Malcolm_Moore's avatar
    Might sound dumb but how portable are these? Like don't you need the internet to run Steam?
    kaloskagatos's avatar
    No need. You can download the games on the steam deck and play offline.
  14. crazycritic's avatar
    The OLED version is far better for not a lot more.
    Deleted041071960810's avatar
    Not a lot more? It's 50% more expensive than this in price.
  15. a6unx's avatar
    If you are on the fence about buying it. Dont think press the BUY button now. And curse HUKD later. (edited)
  16. TwoJs's avatar
    I'm a 40+ year old Dad, my kids play on their Switches and iPads etc, so I was the getting the urge to get back into some casual gaming on the sofa in the evening while the missus watches her stuff on TV.

    My OLED Steam Deck has been a revelation, it has pulled me back in after years not playing much.

    I got it from CEX as a B grade came absolutely mint condition boxed as new and runs perfect.
    I traded in old tech I acquired or just never used for vouchers, so effectively it cost me nothing. (edited)
    Jyoosi's avatar
    But technically it still cost you the original outlay for the tech you traded in
  17. damianscotland's avatar
    Really good price
  18. FactProvider's avatar
    Hmmm....£319 for some previously-broken electronics. So tempting. NAAAAAAAHHHHH..... (edited)
    CyDoNiA's avatar
    In fairness if it's refurbed properly then it's probably been tested more than a new one will have been anyway.
  19. TheUrbis's avatar
    Won't last long!
    JCP11's avatar
    What the certified refub Steam Deck or the price? (edited)
  20. pedroukuk's avatar
    I love my OLED but this is still a fantastic price, best thing I've purchased for years
    Jack_Shiels's avatar
    OLED was 100% worth the upgrade price for me. I sold my old deck and it ended up only costing me £199
  21. Swayeee's avatar
    Steam Deck is awesome. It has brought 2 people I know back to gaming due to its convenience.

    It's a surprisingly capable machine as well. You won't regret.
  22. ngangekrubally's avatar
    I really don't want to jump on the bandwagon just because I don't own One...I still have my PS5 that was bought during release and I haven't played a single game on it. And spending money on this just doesn't make sense for something I wouldn't use at all. God Help Me...
    ray.cheung's avatar
    I bought the Steam Deck and using it as my alternative PS Portal to my PS5 via Remote Play just buy it
  23. Gadgetdeals's avatar
    Not had the 1’s, bought the Air 2 then realised it was a bit fiddly taking the covers on and off to look down at my phone so ordered the Air 2 Pros that are so much more convenient, you can still put the cover on as it comes with it but don’t really need it, I just put it in to protect the lenses, I haven’t even taken the protective film off the second pair of covers.

    re the prescription lenses I bought them from honsvr.com less than half the price of the recommended ones and they are great, no blind spots and speedy delivery

    Oh! Inserts cost me $56.95 for the Air 2 (normal and pro are the same), beware the 1’s are a different fitting.

    52201342-s1sfX.jpg (edited)
  24. deleted2995448's avatar
    I’m not a dad however I love my PlayStation portal
  25. gobbhudk's avatar
    Has anyone seen the 64gb or 256gb refurb come in stock?
  26. jake.james's avatar
    Really good price for this, excited to see how the handheld market is in 12 months from now
  27. basergorkobal's avatar
    Good price. Works out the same as me buying the 64gb model few weeks back and adding 512gb nvme myself.
    End result is better here since you don't risk voiding warranty.
    And as I understand they replace batteries and all the moving parts on the refurbs.
  28. Diab's avatar
    Still loving my lcd deck 5 months on, it's a great piece of portable kit for ~£300 (edited)
    deleted2995448's avatar
    Loving the ps portal a true game changer imo
  29. coolstar's avatar
    Had the LCD model for just under a year or so and it really is the best thing I've ever bought. It plays almost everything and so much flexibility like being able to dock it and mod it etc . Not been able to try the OLED and it's upgrades but the LCD model is still a banger and this is a great price for the storage you get. I literally paid £350 for the new 64gb! So this is really amazing value

    Battery life on the LCD model is variable .I know the high demanding games really kill the battery but On indie games you get hours. I'm literally getting almost 9 hours on FTL- faster than light with low watts and refresh rate (edited)
  30. crazygoldfish's avatar
    Considering how cheap a 512gb and the cost of a new steam deck or a steam deck with oled,,,,, this deal is a bit meh to be honest.
  31. jough's avatar
    I've gone for one for 2 main reasons..

    Retro emulation so this will replace my Powkiddy..

    Docked in the living room for Jackbox with the Family... That means I can put my PC back into it's intended place hooked up to a 144hz in the hobby/music room.

    If Hogwarts Legacy runs okay on it then it's a bonus
    annarface's avatar
    We had issues with Hogwarts stuttering when streaming / plugged into the dock, but it ran fine on the deck handheld
  32. LittleMoony90's avatar
    I genuinely can’t recommend the deck enough, fortunate enough to receive one as a Christmas present and I’ve not turned my gaming pc on since Boxing Day (and I was on daily).
    Played a few games on there and they’re such good quality. Red dead 2 on the deck genuinely surprised me in terms of quality it’s excellent, sea of stars and eastward also excellent but non comparable graphics wise.
    For the amount of hours I’ve already put into the deck it’s paid for itself multiple times over.
    annarface's avatar
    Similar situation for us, got one for my partner for Xmas and we've had our money's worth and more. Such a convenient solution to playing PC games from the comfort of... anywhere!
  33. NoCare's avatar
    Cheap for a reason. This thing is trash design.
    beaversrus's avatar
    What do you hate the most
  34. twmbo's avatar
    Great price!
  35. Canopus's avatar
    Good price, paid a bit more for the 64GB myself, technically it was brand new and did I buy it roughly over two years ago, can't fault it, think the screen is better on this compared to the 64 & 256GB, obviously not comparing to the OLED ones.
  36. andmiranda's avatar
    Rate the steam deck as the most playable mobile gaming device overall - I want the ROG Ally or legion go for the increase in power but for ease of use/regular updates and great controls the deck is so far unbeaten - heat for this deal - I would go for a brand new oled but this is better value for money if that is important to you.
    squarehead94's avatar
    ROG ally's battery life is terrible and the ergonomics aren't any better than the deck tbh - and if you are using it solely docked as effectively a desktop, then you'd be better with just a desktop tbph.
  37. Jyoosi's avatar
    Excellent bit of kit at this price, even if it's "only" the LCD model. The LCD screen is actually quite good for response times, colours are very weak though (covers under 70% of sRGB which is embarrassing).

    I'd still spend a little more on the OLED model though. SSD is easy enough to replace and there are plenty of OEMs offering them now so the prices have dropped quite a bit.

    Can also dock it to a 1080p monitor and play on low settings when needed.

    Hopefully ARM chips keep pushing AMD with their APUs and in 5-10 years time you'll probably see PS5 levels of performance in the palm of your hand.
  38. Gadgetdeals's avatar
    Connect to the Xreal Air 2 with up to 120Hz and 500 Nits with the latest 0.55 Micro-OLED Panel from SONY.

    I have the Air 2 Pro and they are fantastic, check Ali Express for great deals. The only difference between the Air 2 and the Pro models is that the lenses on the pro model has 3 Electrochromic Dimming Levels 0% / 35% / 100%, I have both and I must say the pro is worth the extra £50 as you just press a button to adjust the lens opacity to see the room without having to take a lens cover off.

    Full info and specs here, do some research and check what if any adapters you may need for your specific needs (edited)
    coolstar's avatar
    Not sure if you've used the xreal air 1's as what's I currently have. Great product just annoying with the prescription lens inserts trying to get the best fit as it seems to only cover 90% of the eyes so some edges are blurred but the quality of the picture is really good. Probably not worth paying for the air 2 upgrade from what I've read over the air 1 as it doesn't seem to be a revolutionary update more of an evolutionary one. Do you use them alot?
  39. TheTattooedTurk's avatar
    How is this with Warzone 3?
    crazygoldfish's avatar
    With steam OS you cannot play Warzone. You need to install windows and a few work arounds on windows to recognise the joypads.
    There's tonnes of guides on how to do this.

    The steam deck is a good bit of kit, but windows doesnt run that great. Fine to get by etc if you want to play COD.

    If you want an easier and better experience to play COD, get a Legion go or ROG Ally. But they are more expensive units.
  40. ruffedgrouse's avatar
    Can anyone recommend some games which are *better* on the Steam Deck than they are on PC?

    I have one but find myself going back to PC gaming because of the much bigger screen. I feel like I'm missing details when I play stuff on the Steam Deck simply because it's smaller.
    xxbluedragonxx's avatar
    There’s nothing really “better” it’s basically very low resolution PC games. Think of it as a handheld PC just nowhere near desktop spec (decent gaming rigs anyway)
's avatar