[Steam] DiRT Rally - £6.83 - Fanatical

[Steam] DiRT Rally - £6.83 - Fanatical

Found 26th Mar
Cheapest around and currently a smidge cheaper than Instant Gaming. I'd love to tell you it's a great game, as the reviews on Steam suggest, but it's really hard and I've never completed a full stage

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Why own the road when you can own the DiRT?

Coming from acclaimed developers Codemasters (also behind the GRID and F1 series), DiRT Rally is the next in the hit DiRT series to make a splash on PC with it's ultra-realistic racing and faithful recreations of famous rally stages.

High-intensity multiplayer is not only fast and intense, but also sticks to the single player simulation aspect, ensuring a well rounded and consistent game packed with content. Hire and fire your management team as you see fit as you progress through the rallying ranks, increasing your reputation as you do so, earning new vehicles to race in.

As realistic as ever, DiRT Rally is regarded as one of Codemasters best.

Your official DiRT Rally Steam Key gives you:
  • Over 40 iconic cars to choose from.
  • 70 stages to race through with precision and unrivaled control.
  • Custom rally events.
  • Player League support.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly online challenges.
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affordable price and heat added
Its very realistic simulation game, you are always fighting for control not like the normal rally games. Tweaking setting can help a little though
IndieGala 83% off - £6.79 if you fancy saving a few pence here
If you don't like normal driving games you certainly won't like this!

This is the Dark Souls of the genre, it's hard and can get harder if you damage your car (which is very easy)

Amazing level of satisfaction from completing a stage cleanly and fast. Even when you get good (or better!) at it, it can still throw you a curveball sometimes.
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