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[Steam] Football Manager 2020 (PC) - £15.79 @ CDKeys
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[Steam] Football Manager 2020 (PC) - £15.79 @ CDKeys

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Posted 21st Feb

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Football Manager 2020 for PC is the latest of the highly popular football team management simulation games on the market. It is the sixteenth in the series of core games: not counting releases for other platforms and special editions. 

The game, as with the rest in the series, allows the player to build a football team from scratch, or to take over management of an existing team. The player must use funds wisely, buying good players without spending too much and investing just the right amount into the infrastructures so that facilities are good, and financial reserves remain strong.

With this game, the data is immense: players stats change as they train and advance or even should they get injured, and it is up to you to keep an eye on that, increasing training when fitness falls, but allowing for rest days when injuries begin to mount up. And of course, making sure that rest days do not cost too much!

All your actions are overseen by the board of directors, who will sometimes issue you with challenges and who will be all over any mistakes that you might make to boot, querying why players were given chances that they perhaps did not live up to, or asking why certain players were bought over others. If you do not have good answers, they can make your life quite awkward, interfering with your long term plans!

Tactics, Tactics, Tactics
The game relies, as always, on your abilities to read the data and to draw correct conclusions from the statistics. In this game, you have more information than ever before at your fingertips, meaning that you can very precisely analyse players, teams and your best options for success.

Of course, this means that you must be prepared to put in the work, reading through the information and considering what it means very carefully! Sloppy reading of data can result in sloppy play and lost matches – something certain to have the board breathing down your back in no time at all! 

See your tactics and theories put into practise on the field. Once you have strategized and come up with ideas for your teams, it is hugely rewarding to put them into practise and see that you were correct in your surmises.

Use the stats to keep your eyes open for new young players who are the up and coming stars of tomorrow. Every football team ages out eventually, and your dream team of today will be tired and losing their edge tomorrow, with older, less fit, or injured players needing to be switched out for younger, hungrier teammates.

  • There are fifty football-mad countries represented in the game, ensuring that you can have your pick of just about any football country in which to work your tactical footie magic. These include all the most famous footie loving countries, but also a number of others that will be new to you, introducing you to new styles of play and adding interest to every game

  • The above is enhanced with access to two thousand five hundred (that is 2,500) clubs operating at every level from grass roots basics with no budget and little but enthusiasm and a love of the game to the highest paid premier league and international champions

  • You have access to over five hundred thousand real life players, coaches, trainers and managers, all of whom you can choose from in order to set up and properly equip your team, whether you are running tried and tested players, or trying out keen younger players eager to prove themselves and earn their big break into the game
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20.3 has just come out, good time to buy
any fm 20 deals for mac???
cona8921/02/2020 15:41

any fm 20 deals for mac???

This should work on MAC according to the description on the CDKeys page
Edited by: "thewrecker7477" 21st Feb
Goodbye wife and children.
Glacier21/02/2020 15:44

Goodbye wife and children.

That's not such a bad thing sometimes
thewrecker747721/02/2020 15:43

This should work on MAC according to the description on the CDKeys page

Can anyone confirm if this is defo for MAC too please. Thanks.
LeeDavo21/02/2020 15:47

Can anyone confirm if this is defo for MAC too please. Thanks.

Yes through Steam it works with Mac and Windows
Cheapest its been, do I upgrade from FM19
Edited by: "SultanSaeed" 21st Feb
SultanSaeed21/02/2020 17:29

Cheapest its been, do I upgrade from FM19

Im debating upgrading from FM17
I tried this, it's like being at work, very tedious...
Will this work on the iPad Pro?
Just ordered this to use on iMac through steam it was actually 16.99 but I also used Quidco which tracked so will get £1.23 back so total price actually £15.76 which I thinks a great price for such a new game
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