steam generator iron £35 @ asda instore

steam generator iron £35 @ asda instore

Found 19th Aug 2014
in store at asda.

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Ive had one of these and too be honest they arent the greatest. The wire on them is quite short and frays very easy. They seem to last around 12 months then they conk out!!
Yep ours lasted a year and a bit!. Very disappointed with it as an iron as well.
this has 2 year guarantee forgot to mention
I know this seems a cheap deal but its not because as some of you have already stated these don't last too long and if you are regularly doing a large amount of ironing then you would need at least 2 of these a year.

My sister had 7 kids only one of them a boy so you can imagine the amount of ironing, my brother has 4 kids and he and his wife are even more fussy then my sister, everything has to be ironed perfectly (yes it is possible) the best irons that you can buy without going for an industrial one are the Bosch ones.
I bought one for my daughter when her "Steam Generator" packed up just after the warranty expired, my 2 grandchildren go through clothes like they are on a fashion show and one of them is a boy.
I am not saying my daughter now enjoys ironing, but its a damn sight easier with a Bosch than with one of the "Steam Generators".
I payed about £130 for one from John Lewis and it was on a fairly big reduction at the time, it looks very similar to this one…htm and worth every penny.
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