Steam generator Iron from Aldi £49.99

Steam generator Iron from Aldi £49.99

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Found 28th Feb 2012
I would appreciate some comments as to how good the iron is. The price seems to be good but what about quality. Some inputs from you valuable people would be nice.

With 3 year warranty too.....

High powered iron with a large capacity water tank, which reduces the need for frequent top-ups.

90g/minute steam surge
Vertical steam
1700ml detachable water tank
Anti-limescale filter
3 metre cord
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I was also thinking of getting this, at least you have the 3 years guarantee if anything goes wrong with it......
Very good iron,

I would recommend it, as the wife complains a lot less now whilst doing the ironing, so in my eyes worth every penny.
I do ironing for people ie 30 - 40 hours a week - crazy I know! I have a steam generator iron which cost considerably more than this and its rubbish. Its Russell Hobbs?! Its really loud and even on the highest setting I just end up pushing it over and over and over the same areas with no difference to creases. I never use it. A normal iron to me appears to be much much better at doing the job and value for money .... not sure this comment helps?!
does this activate on steam?
I have previously had one of these irons, and it was the best iron I had ever owned. The model i had had a button to activate the steam, which you could leave on permanently, which saves you pressing for steam. It has a large tank capacity, which you boiled like a kettle. Once boiled you can then crack on with your ironing.
We've got the same iron and would definitely recommend it
We bought the £30 Ironing board from Aldi at the weekend - it is fantastic!
the aldi and lidl electrical appliances are usually of good quality and often are built in the eu countries, the big brands on the high street all get thier appliances made in china etc so they are no better really, the only difference is that they promote a brand name to convince you that thier product is better,
i would not hesitate in buying this if i needed one.
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