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[Steam] Grim Dawn - £3.95 - Chrono.gg

Posted 31st May 2019

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Historical low. I've used the £5.99 price comparison against Gog.com (DRM free) and Humble Bundle (Steam).

Truly it is our legitimate honor today to be able to honestly say that it is a such a bright morning thanks to Grim Dawn. What is Grim Dawn? It’s a dope ass video game that’s kinda like Diablo, and it’s super deep and crazy good, and people really seem to like it. Why is it a bright morning? Because we’ve got the main game, as well as three very well-received expansions on sale today on our website, and selling good games to you guys is our bread and butter.

Great. And now that we’ve got that out of the way, what else should we talk about? Other stuff with the word “Grim” in it? What about that detective show? Well, actually, if we’re gonna be real, that show’s actually called Grimm with TWO M’s, but we don’t care if you don’t. For some reason a lot of people conflate that show with Once Upon A Time, but Grimm is way weirder. Seriously, give it a shot if you have some time, it’ll totally surprise you. Super dark stuff.

And what else, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy? What was that show even about? They tricked Death into the being their slave for life? That’s crazy. He didn’t really even like the children, it didn’t seem, like he was just sort of tolerating them like Geoffrey from Fresh Prince of Bel Aire or something. And also, we’ve already committed to not checking, but we think maybe he had a THICK Jamaican accent? But who knows, now that we’re writing it out it sounds pretty crazy. Oh well! Enjoy your game with the same word in the title!
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