[Steam] INSIDE £7.49 until 15th Sept @ Steam (possible £6.74 if you own Limbo)

[Steam] INSIDE £7.49 until 15th Sept @ Steam (possible £6.74 if you own Limbo)

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50% off this title from the makers of Limbo, it's lowest price yet.

IGN's 10/10 review:
“MASTERPIECE! Inside is a 2D puzzle platformer that builds upon what made Limbo great, and in fact builds something greater.”

Steam description:
"Hunted and alone, a boy finds himself drawn into the center of a dark project."

Reviews of INSIDE Metacritic: 87% (22 critics, 8.6 from 500 users), Steam: Overwhelmingly Positive 95% (11,567 reviews)

If you have Limbo, you can buy the INSIDE + LIMBO bundle for £6.74 (you will just get INSIDE).

There's a tempting INSIDE demo on Steam for those that want to try it out.


IGN review:
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Cheers OP, bought and heated
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Great game, highly recommended!
This is a fabulous game. It's a bit short (I bought it at full price on release day) but for this price it's worth it.
Cracking game, really enjoyed playing it
Brilliant game also try little nightmares
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