[Steam] Insurgency - £1.10  @ Greenman Gaming + Free mystery game

[Steam] Insurgency - £1.10 @ Greenman Gaming + Free mystery game

Found 7th Jan 2017
One of the best FPS multiplayer and cooperative games on PC with very positive Steam and Metacritic user ratings, excellent dev team support and a healthy Steam player base.

Take to the streets for intense close quarters combat, where a team's survival depends upon securing crucial strongholds and destroying enemy supply in this multiplayer and cooperative Source Engine based experience. The follow-up game to the award-winning Source mod, Insurgency is highly competitive and unforgivingly lethal, striking a balance between one-life gameplay and prolonged action.

Use voucher code GMG15 to get it at this price.
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Nice price, and cheers for sharing - I'm sure others find it to be good, myself though, it's not a patch on DoD: Source and just couldn't get into this one at all, as much as I wanted to. Free mystery game could well be the better of the two though!
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I really enjoy this game. A bit more realistic than cod or battlefield but not as realistic as arma or squad. Strikes a nice balance! Great price
love this game. can't wait for the new version out this year hopefully
awesome game heat
Just bought, funnily enough I just bought a key for DOD: Source this morning as well but key not emailed yet so this might tide me over.
Free game I got was Neon Space 2 (.79p) on Steam.
For a little over a £1 definitely worth a punt. I've had a quick look on steam and player base seems to be healthy (though offers like this should hopefully mean more Brits to choose from).
All I'm waiting on now is my new Zen system which will hopefully be delivered tomorrow!
Thanks for the post

Free game was Ethan Meteor Hunter (never heard of it but it sounds awesome!)
Bought it, thank you OP nice find
Great game, bought this ages ago when on steam sale for a ridiculous price (79p I think!). Really fun and a breath of fresh air compared to COD, CS:GO and some other FPS.



Don't apply the code GMG15 if you want to pay an extra 19p by accident, like me.

Thanks for the deal OP
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Single player?
terry's june

Single player?

Yep, there are day and night versions of the maps that you can play solo offline with bots if you want to. A good way to get used to the various game modes, weapons and maps before playing online.
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