[Steam] Invisigun Heroes £3.44 @ Humble Bundle (demo available on Steam)

[Steam] Invisigun Heroes £3.44 @ Humble Bundle (demo available on Steam)

Edited by:"EQL"Found 18th Sep 2017
A little (15p) more than on Steam last week. Available until 21st Sep 2017. There is a demo version that allows you to play online. The full version unlocks more characters and maps.

"Invisigun Heroes is a multiplayer, single-screen battle arena with a twist: everyone’s invisible! Predictable grid-based movement ensures that you know where you are, but other players don’t. Vigilance is key as environmental tells such as footprints and other disturbances will point out careless cadets."

Invisigun Heroes Steam: Very Positive 92% (116 reviews), Metacritic: (0 critics).

Videos (embedded videos this time):
TotalBiscuit likes it a lot, but he couldn't find people playing it online in Feb 2017

He wanted to change this, so created a video about Invisigun's Visibility Problem in late August 2017:

This price decrease looks to be the developers looking again to attract more users after that recent coverage.
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