[Steam] Iron (Simple Value) - £4.00 - Argos

[Steam] Iron (Simple Value) - £4.00 - Argos

Found 2nd Dec 2016
Morning guys. I've decided to start my Christmas shopping and have recently been looking at this iron for our Doris. I won't lie, she doesn't really iron much (if at all) and I don't really wish to start breaking the bank on an iron, although I was kind of hoping that as the recipient of one at Christmas it might just encourage her. She's been dropping hints about some Pandora charms, but to be perfectly honest I'm a little hesitant to buy her one as I just know I'll get it wrong, you can't really go wrong with an iron, can you?

I'm a bit torn between the Argos one that looks fantastic at just £4 with its four star reviews from 176 entries. Plus I'm also led to believe that there is the option to add an extra 3 years cover for just 99p (can anybody confirm this?)

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Now, I've also seen this one at Asda for just £4 which I feel she may like a little more as it has little flowers on the back?


Does anybody have any experience with any of these products? I want to get her the right one as you can imagine and you never know, we both might end up using it

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Thanks Buzz Steamy deal

Heat added

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Not your normal "Steam" deal but voted hot anyway

and I'm sure your Doris will be sooooo happy with the gift! you know how to please a woman lol
after all nothing says I love you like a iron.
seem to remember seeing one in a soap a few years ago.
Bought these two years ago and had it for a while. I think it was around the same price. It does the job BUT you'll need to be careful with it. The metal surface tends to stick easily to any surfaces. I gave up on it since it burned more clothes than any iron did for me. Hope that helps you decide.
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I bought this for when I went on 12 week training course with inspections and random daily inspections. It was terrible for over heating and burning clothes. I even had it overheat through a damp t-towel onto my trousers. It may have just been a dodgy faulty iron but I quickly got rid of it.
Still pretty cheap for an iron as long as you don't mind the risk.
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Does it include DLC?
We had one of these as a stop gap, it ended up being a 2 year gap and it lasted admirably. It was ok for t shirts and that, but needed a bit more elbow grease for anything thicker. Not bad really.
Excellent value. I use one as a travel iron as it is actually lighter than some small travel irons.
Too expensive, waiting for the GOTY version.
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