[Steam] Mad Max - £3.32 - CDKey (5% Discount)

[Steam] Mad Max - £3.32 - CDKey (5% Discount)

Posted 20th Jan 2017
Not quite as cheap as Black Friday, but the cheapest available I think


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A lot of game for the price of 2 double cheese burgers X)
Excellent game
Still a must buy, brilliant game at a cracking price.
How do you get the 5% discount?

How do you get the 5% discount?

Go to their Facebook page, there's a link there somewhere. It asks you for an email I think, but you can put anything into the field and it'll then give you a code.
If you haven't at least tried this game yet then do yourself a favour and do so.
One of the best games of last year. This deserves to be hotter.

One of the best games of last year. This deserves to be hotter.

I bought this last year for around £6.00 , never really played it until about a week ago , as I was playing other stuff then it ended up at the bottom of my "to play" list....finally gave it a proper go last weekend , I have not stopped playing it since ! knowing how great the game is now , the game is a steal from anything under a £10.00 at 3.32 it is almost been given away , on PC if they are all still cheap , for excellent value , buy the last Batman Game , Shadow of Mordor and Mad max , I bet you could buy all 3 with a 5 percent discount code for around £11.00 , around 60 +++++++ hours of gameplay. all quality stuff too.

Currently playing Mad max at 4k on my new TV , mad max works well at 4k on 980ti , looks the business.
Just Wondering

Excellent game

Found it rather repetitive myself. It got boring.
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