STEAM / ORIGIN Game keys inc 2 game bundle - £5.99 (Dead Space 2 & NFS Hot Pursuit) / Crysis 2 Maximum - £1.99 / Dead Space 3 - £3.99 / Tropico 3 Gold - £1.99 / SEGA & Sonic Classics from £1.99 @ eBay - 109dagger

STEAM / ORIGIN Game keys inc 2 game bundle - £5.99 (Dead Space 2 & NFS Hot Pursuit) / Crysis 2 Maximum - £1.99 / Dead Space 3 - £3.99 / Tropico 3 Gold - £1.99 / SEGA & Sonic Classics from £1.99 @ eBay - 109dagger

Found 1st May 2014
Some cheap deals on PC games here. Good deals for SEGA & Retro Sonic fans!!
Just picked out those that grabbed my attention from this seller (posted similar deals from different sellers too recently), might be worth looking through the sellers items to see what else they have, lots of low priced games.

Here they are, hope this helps someone -

Dead Space 2 + NFS Hot Pursuit Pack - Origin - £5.99
Crysis 2 Maximum Edition - Origin - £1.99 OR **BEST OFFER**
Crysis 2 Maximum Edition - Steam - £3.49
DEADLY PREMONITION The DIrector's Cut - Steam - £3.99 OR **BEST OFFER**
Dead Space 2 - Origin - £3.99
Dead Space 3 PC - Origin - £3.99
Galaxy on Fire 2™ Full HD - Steam - £1.25 OR **BEST OFFER**
Guns of Icarus Online Collectors Edition - Steam - £2.99 OR **BEST OFFER**
Jagged Alliance Collection, 2 base games + 6 DLC - Steam - £1.99 OR **BEST OFFER**
PixelJunk Shooter - Steam - £1.25 OR **BEST OFFER**
SEGA Mega Drive Classics Packs - £3.49 each OR **BEST OFFER**
Sengoku - Steam - £1.49 OR **BEST OFFER**
Shadow Man - Steam - £1.49 OR **BEST OFFER**
Sine Mora - Steam - £1.99 OR **BEST OFFER**
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed + Metal Sonic/Outrun DLC - Steam - £6.49 OR **BEST OFFER**
Sonic 1 - Sonic the Hedgehog - Steam - £1.99 OR **BEST OFFER**
Sonic 3 - Sonic & Knuckles - Steam - £1.99 OR **BEST OFFER**
Sonic 3D Blast - Steam - £1.99 OR **BEST OFFER**
Sonic Adventure DX - Steam - £3.49 OR **BEST OFFER**
Sonic CD - Steam - £2.49 OR **BEST OFFER**
Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Episode I Steam - £2.99 OR **BEST OFFER**
Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Episode 2 Steam - £3.49 OR **BEST OFFER**
Sonic Spinball™ - Steam - £1.99 OR **BEST OFFER**
Space Pirates and Zombies - Steam - £1.25 OR **BEST OFFER**
Stealth B*****d Deluxe - Steam - £1.25 OR **BEST OFFER**
The 11th Hour - Steam - £1.49 OR **BEST OFFER**
The 7th Guest - Steam - £1.49 OR **BEST OFFER**
Tropico 3: Gold Edition - Steam - £1.99 OR **BEST OFFER**
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Dead Space 2 + NFS Hot Pursuit Pack - Origin$_35.JPG

Crysis 2 Maximum Edition - Origin

Crysis 2 Maximum Edition - Steam


DEADLY PREMONITION The DIrector's Cut - Steam

Dead Space 2 - Origin

Dead Space 3 - Origin$_35.JPG$_35.JPG

Galaxy on Fire 2™ Full HD - Steam

Guns of Icarus Online Collectors Edition - Steam

Jagged Alliance Collection, 2 base games + 6 DLC - Steam

PixelJunk Shooter - Steam$_35.JPG

SEGA Mega Drive Classics Pack 1 - Steam
*Volume 1 features the following titles: *

Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi™

You play as Joe Musashi, a ninja master, known only to his enemies as “The Shinobi”. This battle is not one Musashi must fight alone, as this is the first game in the Shinobi series to feature Musashi's ninja attack dog, Yamato.

Ecco the Dolphin™

Life was an adventure for Ecco, the young dolphin. The ocean seemed endless with rolling breakers to race through! At high speed Ecco could burst through the waves leaping through the air – almost flying!

Golden Axe™

The land of Yuria has been invaded and is now ruled by the iron fist of Death Adder, who secured his throne by seizing the Golden Axe™.

Altered Beast™

Athena, the daughter of Zeus, has been captured by the wicked Neff, God of the Underworld, and is being held captive.

Comix Zone™

Sketch Turner is in it up to his inkwell. Mortus is drawing horrendous creatures to battle Sketch in every panel of the strip. If Mortus destroys Sketch, that megalomaniac mutant will become real and Earth will be doomed to his rule!

Gain Ground™

The battle-simulation game has gone haywire! All contestants inside the system are trapped and frozen on the battlefields, and the androids are reprogrammed to become hi-tech killing machines! It’s up to three brave fighters to rescue hostages, and to destroy the central computer of the system, the Brain.

Shinobi III™

Joe Musashi’s sworn enemy, the Neo Zeed are secretly rebuilding an organization in Japan after the battle in Neo City.


By the year 2049, Earth has been turned into a toxic waste dump. Humankind has fled into space leaving behind an army of mechanized “Orbots” to clean up the mess.

Crack Down™

Ben and Andy, the two top Special Service agents have accepted a very dangerous assignment – the elimination of Mr.K and his Artificial Life System.

Space Harrier II™

A call for help comes from deep in the universe. Fantasyland has been taken over by destructive forces.

SEGA Mega Drive Classics Pack 2 - Steam
Volume 2 features the following titles:

Ecco Jr.

Somewhere there is a place called the Endless Sea. There lives a giant whale named Big Blue. To find Big Blue, you have to open the Crystal Doors called Glyphs. To open the Crystal Doors, you must satisfy their wish. Guide Ecco and his friends to swim through the ocean and find Big Blue.

Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle

The whole Kidd family is upset! Alex’s father, King Thor, is missing, and they suspect he has been kidnapped by Ashra, the mean ruler of the planet Paperock.

Bonanza Bros.

The Bonanza Bros., Mike and Spike, are two of the most famous investigators around. One day, they received a strange phone call.

Super Thunder Blade

A renegade army has focused its sights on domination of the free world, and has unleashed its deadly troops from a secret power base in the East.

Kid Chameleon

Heady Metal, the boss of the arcade game Wild Side, has escaped! He’s capturing kids by defeating them at their own game.


The evil tyrant Greedy holds the galaxy of Valdi under a reign of terror, spreading misery and darkness.

Galaxy Force II

The peaceful and prosperous solar system Junos was located at the end of the Milky Way. Those who called its five planets home had no idea what was about to happen...


Go back in time to a bygone civilization: the ancient world of Phoenicia. There you will play a simple and captivating game where sparkling, rainbow-coloured jewels drop one after another.

Eternal Champions

Unjust deaths were dealt upon nine of history’s greatest and most influential warriors, and the future now stands at the brink of chaos.

Fatal Labyrinth

Dragonia, the castle of doom, has been resurrected! But the ghouls from the castle have stolen the Holy Goblet, the source of light. Without it, the world will be trapped in darkness forever.

SEGA Mega Drive Classics Pack 3 - Steam
Volume 3 features the following titles:

Bio-Hazard Battle

During the first global biowar, a powerful retrovirus filled the planet Avaron with new and deadly forms of life. Only a few survivors remain in O.P. Odysseus, an orbiting platform circling Avaron.

Columns III

Arrange the blocks of jewels falling from the top of the screen. If three or more jewels of the same colour are lined up vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, they disappear. Don’t allow them to pile up to the top, or you will lose the game.

Sword of Vermilion

To take revenge against Tsarkon over his father’s death, the prince must collect the eight Rings of Good hidden throughout the land. Out-hack and out-smart Tsarkon’s minions while collecting the hidden Rings until you reach the final bastion where Tsarkon waits. Defeat Tsarkon and banish evil from the world.

Virtua Fighter 2

One year has passed since eight of the toughest, fastest fighters challenged each other in the World Fighting Tournament. Now the call has come for the second World Fighting Tournament. Who will emerge victorious this time?

Ecco: The Tides of Time

The Vortex, the nearly invincible, secret, yet supremely dangerous enemy, now seems so far away. It’s only been a short time since this monster tore Ecco’s family from Home Bay. Then Ecco braved the unknown waters to find and defeat this menace that fed on the creatures of the sea.

Alien Storm

Vicious predators from the far ends of the universe are invading our planet! They’re mean and wicked, creating havoc everywhere they go! Time for the aptly named “Alien Busters” to take control, get nasty and kick some serious martian butt!

Decap Attack

To help “pull things together,” the brilliant doctor Frank N. Stein carefully fashioned Chuck D. Head from the leftover parts of some other people that we don’t talk about. Somehow he couldn’t quite get the head right – how many heads do people need again? Head bone connects to the... what bone? Well, to cut a long story short, there’s this island which is made up of body parts (like they are sometimes), and the fearsome villain Max D. Cap has separated all the parts to gain total control. It’s now up to Chuck D. Head to go over there, and sort it all out.


Join the adventures of Flicky™, a fun-loving, little blue bird who drives cats everywhere crazy! As a heroic bird, find all of the missing Chirps and guide them to the “Exit” where they’ll be safe from those mischievous felines and other ferocious domesticated animals in the house.

ESWAT: City Under Siege

The largest and most powerful terrorist group in the wor
So this is just someone splitting up old bundles for the most part. (That is the reason people are less willing to just give keys so we have to mess around with desura).
Those are some excellent deals! Purchased a few right now
Most, if not all, of these deals still available
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