[Steam] Prismata - Free - Steam Store

[Steam] Prismata - Free - Steam Store

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Found 18th May 2018Edited by:"BuzzDuraband"
Around 2 months old, still in early access with very positive reviews. I hope we don't get confused again, but it's free until Monday. Claim it, own it

Prepare yourself for the ultimate strategy game.

Prismata—the gripping debut from Lunarch Studios—radically redefines the strategy genre by combining elements of real-time strategy, card games, and tabletop strategy games to create something entirely new and unique.

Competing against other humans or ruthlessly efficient AI, you'll plan devastating attacks through a series of quick-fire turns. Will you outwit your opponents by striking at the perfect moment? Or will you fall victim to a devious trap?

Game Modes
  • Campaign: an enthralling 40-mission story-based single player adventure
  • Casual Match: play friendly games against other humans or one of 30 different AI personalities
  • Combat Training: over 50 hand-crafted puzzles and scenarios dripping with fascinating strategy insights
  • Ranked Play: get paired against opponents of similar skill and compete for a spot on the leaderboards
  • Custom Games: play bots or friends with fully editable unit pools, time controls, handicaps, AI difficulty, and more
  • Expert Challenge: ultra-difficult mission variants for players seeking extreme challenges
  • Event Mode: heart-pounding blitz brawl tourneys and crazy mode-of-the-week events with prizes
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So I can own it for just the weekend, right?
Thanks Buzz..
Edited by: "Forgottenshopper" 18th May 2018
ptr3621 m ago

So I can own it for just the weekend, right?

Please don't
Thanks Buzz!
Not my cup of tee, but free is free! Thanks OP!
I will never play this. Going to Steam to grab it now. Heat.
muchas gracias
Actually looks pretty good! Thanks buzz
Sadly this only contains episode 1 of the campaign...to get access to the rest you have to purchase the deluxe edition.
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