[Steam] Resident Evil Origins Collection - £5.19 - CDKeys

[Steam] Resident Evil Origins Collection - £5.19 - CDKeys

Found 9th Nov 2017
Two games, about £2.50 each (Less than a fiver if you can be bothered with the code).

Resident Evil Origins Collection Includes:

  • Resident Evil HD Remastered
  • Resident Evil 0 HD Remastered


About Resident Evil HD Remastered

The game that defined the survival-horror genre is back! Check out the remastered HD version of Resident Evil.

In 1998 a special forces team is sent to investigate some bizarre murders on the outskirts of Raccoon City. Upon arriving they are attacked by a pack of blood-thirsty dogs and are forced to take cover in a nearby mansion. But the scent of death hangs heavy in the air. Supplies are scarce as they struggle to stay alive.

About Resident Evil 0 HD Remastered

Be prepared to relive the first nightmare in Resident Evil 0, a remastered version of the popular prequel to the original Resident Evil game. This remastered version takes the fear-inducing atmosphere from the original 2002 release and transforms it with stunning new HD visuals, improved sound, widescreen support and an optional modernized control system and more. It’s the best way to experience the story of what really happened before the iconic mansion incident that was the catalyst for the entire Resident Evil saga.

The story of Resident Evil 0 takes players back to 1998. Reports have been mounting about unusual murders on the outskirts of Raccoon City. The city’s Special Forces division, S.T.A.R.S., sends their Bravo Team - including rookie cop member Rebecca Chambers - to investigate. On route, the team’s helicopter suffers engine trouble and is forced to make a crash landing, where they find an overturned prisoner transport vehicle. Splitting up to search the area, Rebecca discovers the Ecliptic Express, a train stopped dead on the tracks. Inside, she meets death row convict and ex-Navy lieutenant Billy Coen. Throughout the game, you will take control of both Rebecca and Billy, at times switching between both characters in order to proceed. Learning the advantages of each character is the key to solving puzzles and surviving the nightmares that lie ahead.
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42 heat already heat!!! In 2 mins
Are these games still playable today? I'm not sure how I'd get on with the tank controls these days! Great deal though.
That first zombie. 😣
Absolute bargain.
Already own them both on PS4. Actually considering getting them for PC as well...
johnchapman_9th Nov

Are these games still playable today? I'm not sure how I'd get on with the …Are these games still playable today? I'm not sure how I'd get on with the tank controls these days! Great deal though.

Controller's analog joysticks supported in these remasters, tank optional.

I recently completed both of these. REmake 1 Chris on normal; Jill on hard and REmake 0 on hard. Had a wonderful time, still very atmospheric, full of suspense and the survival horror Resident Evil used to be. Graphics have been very beautifully uplifted, a tasteful remaster. You'll probably sometimes need the odd Google as to where you're meant to go next.

REmake 0's bloody hard on hard mode especially in the late game. Ammo's very scarce, encounter's are hard to time efficiently dodge as you've always 2nd character so you'll basically need to dodge through sections twice 'cause 2nd character AI is bad. There's also no container. Still had fun with it but is a real ball buster compared to REmake 1 hard.
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