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[Steam] Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - Play For Free (Ends 16th July) @ Steam Store
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[Steam] Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - Play For Free (Ends 16th July) @ Steam Store

Posted 9th Jul
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is the next in the series that has twice been PC Gamer’s ‘Multiplayer Game of the Year’, bringing the franchise into the era of automatic rifles, man-portable grenade launchers and more modern weapons systems. Still with the authentic look and feel and realistic weapon handling that the series is known for.

Continuing the Tripwire tradition of providing strong support for games post-launch, Vietnam has already been updated multiple times, providing the player with:
64-player battles
6 different armies to play, each with their own weapons and abilities:
United States Army and Marine Corps
North Vietnamese Army (PAVN) and National Liberation Front (Viet Cong)
Australian Army
Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN)
Over 50 weapons, covering everything from rifles and pistols to flamethrowers and rocket launchers
4 flyable helicopters - Huey, Cobra, Loach and Bushranger
Asymmetric warfare - VC traps and tunnels vs. US napalm and choppers
More than 20 maps
3 distinct game-modes
Proximity VOIP
And hundreds of character customization options.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam offers intense action for up to 64 players in battles between the forces of South Vietnam (the US and their Allies) and those of the North - the regular, main-force units of North Vietnamese Army, plus the guerilla fighters of the National Liberation Front (or Viet Cong).


The Southern forces have firepower and mobility on their side, with each army having its own unique supporting arms:
US Army/Marine Corps - airburst artillery, the Spooky gunship and napalm strikes
Australian Army - Pair of Canberra bombers and heavy artillery
ARVN - medium mortar barrage and napalm strikes from older A-1 Skyraiders

For mobility, they have access to full helicopter support:
UH-1 “Huey”: provides rapid transport for a squad across the map
OH-6 “Loach”: acts as both a spotter and airborne command post, as well as a fast gunship, with its miniguns
AH-1G “Cobra”: heavily-armed gunship with massive firepower for a pilot and weapons officer
Australian “Bushranger”: a Huey, with dual M60 machine guns, minigun and rockets
Tactically, the Southern squad leaders become important - so long as the squad leader is alive and in a smart location, the rest of his squad can spawn in on his location. So keep your squad leaders alive at critical moments!

As for weapons, the Southern forces had a wide range of the best weaponry of Western nations, ranging from older, WWII-era leftovers, through to the latest technology of the time:
M1 Garand, M2 Carbine, M3 “grease gun”, BAR and M1919 .30-cal LMG
M14 Battle Rifle, M40 and XM21 sniper rifles
M60 LMG and M16 automatic rifle
For heavier support - the M79 grenade launcher and M9A1-7 flamethrower
Explosives - M61 frag grenade, M8 smoke, C4 explosives and M18 Claymore


The Northern forces offer a broader mix, with the People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN - or NVA) as the regular, disciplined and better-equipped main fighting force, in comparison to the National Liberation Front (NLF) guerrilla fighters, equipped with whatever weaponry was passed down the chain to them from Russia and China - known as the Viet Cong. For supporting weapons each has:
PAVN/NVA - heavy artillery, surface-to-air missile defenses and rapid reinforcement from the Ho Chi Minh trail
NLF/VC - a mix of ordnances (mortars, rockets, white phosphorous) used in a heavy barrage

To compete with the Southern forces’ mobility, the Northern forces have their own mobility - and stealth:
NVA and VC squad leaders can place spawn tunnels widely across the maps, allowing themselves and their squads to spawn much closer to the action - or even behind the lines
Given their “home field advantage”, any NVA or VC crouching or prone in cover can’t be spotted by Southern helicopters or aircraft
SA-2 Missiles - the quick way to counter Southern air assets is by calling on surface-to-air missiles, if the commander can time it right
“Ho Chi Minh Trail” ability - the NVA/VC commander can activate this ability to accelerate his team’s spawning rate, when times get desperate
“Ambush Spawn” ability - the NVA/VC commander can also cause anyone on his team who is waiting, to spawn on his location for potentially devastating ambushes.
The weaponry for the Northern forces is wide-ranging - the PAVN well-equipped with modern weapons delivered from Russia and China, while the VC have to work with a wide variety of weapons:
AK-47 and Type 56 Assault rifles
Russian SKS-45 and US M1 Carbines and Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifle
MN 91/30 and SVD sniper rifles
PPSh-41 and French MAT-49 SMGs
IZh-58 double-barrelled shotgun
DP-28 and RPD LMGs
RPG-7 rocket launcher
MD-82 toe-popper mines, Tripwires and Punji traps
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Thanks OP, looks fun will give it a go, just finished downloading it:)
Been playing loads of this lately, great game. Looking forward to trying the green man army mod later.
Tried it, personally wasn't a fan but I can see it being a fun game. Maybe I need to give it more if a go
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