[Steam] Sir, You Are Being Hunted £1.49 (BundleStars)

[Steam] Sir, You Are Being Hunted £1.49 (BundleStars)

Found 24th Aug 2016Made hot 24th Aug 2016
Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a procedurally-generated British horror in which tweed-wearing robots hunt you for sport. Roam the landscape, scavenge for food, hide breathlessly in the undergrowth, flee in terror, and even fight back with stolen weapons.

Sir is a stealth and survival game unlike any other.

Key Features:

First-person stealth and survival.

Procedurally-generated British landscape.

Five biomes to explore: castle, industrial, rural, mountainous, and fenland.

Infinite replayability in a sandbox world.

Powerful, brutal AI that becomes tougher as you play.

Tea and biscuits.

Foliage-based stealth system.

Scavenge to survive.

Play as Sir or Madam.

Relentless Britishness.

Every Game Unique!

Sir, You Are Being Hunted is set on a mysterious archipelago generated procedurally by you, and therefore unique to each game you play. You can define your own islands, each one created in moments by our rather clever British Countryside Generator. These islands are then populated by a raving aristocracy of murderous robots, their robot hounds, and worse. You job is simply to survive, and get home.

You're not entirely alone, though: The disembodied voice of Walters, your butler, will help you and offer advice.

Ultimate AI Threat

Sir's AI is one of the toughest in stealth, and as an open-world game, it's unique in its field. The robots are some of the most aggressive and intelligent game enemies you will ever experience, and will pursue you even after losing sight of you. Expect to be hunted!

The Most British Of Games

Sir, You Are Being Hunted is set in a parallel Britain, complete with bleak villages, rocky highlands, bramble-filled woodland, decrepit farms, and crumbling post-industrial landscapes. Made with the remarkable power of our British Landscape Generator, these landscapes are enormously evocative and teeming with detail. Take time to explore, and find that vital hidden flask of tea!


quite a good game, good atmosphere

Got this in a bundle once. Utter junk.

One man's meat is another man's poison but I found it a fun game and an original take on survival stealth gaming. It is not that easy to beat as the number of items you can carry in your inventory is fairly limited as are the number of save points. The constant stamina level drain that needs to be regularly replenished while remaining undetected and searching for the exploded machine parts you have to retrieve also adds to the difficulty. It also has decent replayability once completed as islands and buildings are procedurally generated so every time you start a new game they are different.

Bought this at full price, mainly because it was being pushed by friends of the developers on gaming sites. It's crap. It's a shame because I like the art style but it just so boring and samey. Could've been great, turned out to be sh*te

Good game, not suitable for the COD generation.
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