[Steam] Sir, You Are Being Hunted - 39p - Bundlestars
[Steam] Sir, You Are Being Hunted - 39p - Bundlestars

[Steam] Sir, You Are Being Hunted - 39p - Bundlestars

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Sir, can we interest you in a spiffing stealth FPS with extra tea and biscuits?

That's right, it's time to don your tweed, put on a posh accent and grab a massive best ever discount on Sir, You Are Being Hunted with today's super Star Deal!

With 98% off the normal price for 24 hours only, survive a procedurally-generated British horror where robots hunt you for sport. Roam the countryside, scavenge for food (and flasks of tea) and fight back with stolen weapons if you're feeling brave.

With only a disembodied butler to help you tackle highly aggressive and intelligent game enemies in a unique open-world, take on the raving aristocracy of murderous robots, devilish hounds and much, much worse.

Brutally funny, relentlessly British, grab this game before it makes its Brexit. Cheers!


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Sir, You Are Being Hunted [Steam] - £14.99

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Super hot. Fantastic indie game and it's an absolute steal for this price.

Think they added multiplayer too a while back, not tried it yet.

Great game. Very weird.

I believe professor elemental did some music for it:


Thanks, OP!

Is this a key to redeem on steam?

Great deal, and thank you for bringing Bundlestars to my world! I use Humble Bundle a fair bit but wasn't aware of this site.

love how when you go to pay for it the captcha asks if 'you are a robot'

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Is this a key to redeem on steam?


Great price for this quirky survival stealth game. The number of save points and items you can carry in the inventory is fairly limited which increases the difficulty but it's fun and has decent replayability as islands and buildings are procedurally generated so every time you start a new game they are different.


Its been and come and gone

Expired. In the long run its probably a good thing given my backlog

It's not great multiplayer tbh... Only one person can win, so at the end you all lie in wait for the second to last piece and then run at the portal praying you get there first with the last piece you've got stored in your pocket.
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