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[Steam] Sonic Mania £4.18 with code @ Fanatical
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[Steam] Sonic Mania £4.18 with code @ Fanatical

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Posted 24th Aug

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Nice game at a very tempting price in my humble view. Use the code FANATICAL10 to get it for this price.

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Gotta go faster!

SEGA brings you the ultimate celebration of past and future in Sonic Mania, an all-new 2D Sonic adventure running at a crisp 60FPS with stunning HD retro-style graphics. The game is a perfect blend of the old and the new, not only with fantastic stage design and gorgeous visuals but also inspiring music from the older Sonic games that have been brilliantly translated, with all the new additions to the game seamlessly gelling with the old!
Sonic Mania collates the old sonic games – Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Sonic CD, Sonic and Knuckles and even a mini game from the spin off game Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine – in one place for players to get a taste of the good old days.

Sonic Mania is a side-scrolling platformer game in the style of the early Sonic games released for the Sega Genesis. Players can select one of three playable characters, each of which have their own unique abilities – Sonic can perform a ‘drop dash’ which sends him rolling in a dash after a jump, Tails can fly and swim, and Knuckles can glide and climb walls. As with Sonic the Hedgehog 2, players can either play as Sonic and Tails simultaneously, or allow Tails to be independently controlled by a second player. The game features unlockable gameplay modifiers, including the option to use Sonic's abilities from Sonic CD and Sonic the Hedgehog 3 in place of the drop dash, and "& Knuckles" mode, which allows the character Knuckles to be played simultaneously with Sonic.

Sonic Mania takes place over twelve different zones, of these zones there are eight ‘remixed’ zones, such as Green Hill Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog, alongside four original zones. Remixed zones are made up of a combination of the old and new, with recycled gimmicks and ideas from past games as well as new elements. Players must guide their characters through the zones which are split into two acts, each with various obstacles and enemies, in order to reach the end.
Each act ends with the players taking part in a boss battle against Dr Eggman or one of his elite robots. As with the original games, golden coins are collected by players and act as a form of health. A player will lose rings if they are hit by an enemy and die if they have less than one ring. If a player is hit then the rings will scatter, and players must collect them again before they vanish. Rings, elemental shields and power ups are scattered throughout the levels, powerups include invincibility and faster running speeds. The games storyline is laid out through various short cutscenes which happen in game at the end of each level.
In each level there are giant rings hidden for players to active a pseudo-3D special level. In these levels players must collect colored spheres that increase their speed as well as dodge various obstacles in an effort to catch a UFO. The UFO carries a Chaos Emerald which players must collect in order to activate the games true ending. Players must retain at least one ring to play through the special level – if they lose all of their rings, the level ends. Completing the special level also gives players a gold or silver medal depending on their performance.
The game also offers a time attack mode in which players must complete levels in as little time as possible, this features a leaderboard online in which players can post their best time and compete against other players best times. The Blue Sphere bonus stages from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 also return, accessed by entering a portal that appears when the player passes a checkpoint while carrying 25 or more rings. There is also a multiplayer mode which is split screen allowing two players to race each other. The game also features an unlockable multiplayer mini game called Mean Bean.


  • Three classic and well-loved characters to choose from: Play as Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails the fox or Knuckles the echidna.
  • Insanely retro levels for the three heroes to navigate along, with new and improved levels creating the perfect balance between the old and the new.
  • An equally retro soundtrack that will have your head bobbing rhythmically for weeks.
  • Critically acclaimed graphics that are both old school and modern.
  • An all new Dr Eggman plot for players to foil.
  • 90s style 2D platforming, riddled with nostalgia and bursting with new exciting features.

Hope it helps someone.
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About £30 on the switch lol
IceGrenade24/08/2019 15:41

About £30 on the switch lol

It's £15.99 on Switch (although they do drop it during the sales). The £30 is the phsyical plus version.
Awesome deal thanks op
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