[Steam] Spotlight Bundle - £2.79 - Bundlestars

[Steam] Spotlight Bundle - £2.79 - Bundlestars

Found 17th Sep 2017
Light up your Steam library with a sparkling bundle of awesome Indie games in the brand new Spotlight Bundle! From epic RPG adventures to top-down, fast-paced action, check out the full line-up below:

  • Tempest (Steam: £14.99)
  • King of Dragon Pass (Steam: £8.99)
  • Novus Inceptio (Steam: £7.49)
  • Tavernier (Steam: £1.99)
  • Battle Fleet 2 (Steam: £10.99)
  • Chime Sharp (Steam: £7.99)
  • Warhammer Quest (Steam: £10.99)
  • Squareface (Steam: £5.99)
  • Dark Train (Steam: £10.99)
  • NotGTAV (Steam: £1.99)
  • NotCoD (Steam: £3.99)
  • Loot Hound (Steam: £5.99)

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Many good bundles from here in the past/recently, but are any of these worth playing?
Damn you, OP. I've successfully resisted looking at indie game bundles for ages. I've more Steam games than I could play on a lifetime. You added links, so naturally I had to check them to prove to myself these were all junk games I wouldn't want anyway... but they seem fun, cute, well reviewed, unique. Dammit. I don't need more games. Do you want me off the wagon buying game bundles again, cos this is how it'll happen? Aaargh.
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