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Posted 6 October 2022

[Steam] The Ascent - £8.24 PC @ Steam (DLC - 25% off)

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

States being a 'Daily deal' however on Steam store page, its says offer ends 12 October

Slightly more expensive on CDkeys as of posting

It’s Savings Time!

Summer may have ended, but we’ll keep you warm with this scorching hot discount!

Starting October 5th until the 12th, The Ascent is on sale with a 67% discount.

The Original Soundtrack and the Cyber Heist Soundtrack are also on sale with 50% off, perfect for those who want to continue the story with some sick beats!

You want more? Ok, we’ve got more, all three DLC packs - Cyber Warrior Pack, CyberSec Pack and Cyber Heist are also discounted by 25%!

Let’s round things up, here are all the discounts available throughout this sale.

The Ascent – 67% off
The Ascent – Original Soundtrack – 50% off
The Ascent – Cyber Heist – 25% off
The Ascent – Cyber Heist Soundtrack – 50% off
The Ascent – CyberSec Pack – 25% off
The Ascent – Cyber Warrior Pack – 25% off

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    This is relatively cheap on 3rd party sites because it was in Humble Choice a month or so ago.

    It's also on Gamepass for PC if you didn't know or want to take that route.
  2. Avatar
    48372723_1.jpgEneba and kinguin are great, never had an issue with eneba, had 2 codes not work with kinguin but was refunded quiet quickly, and I've bought loads from them (edited)
    And I wouldn't touch either of them
  3. Avatar
    One of my favorite games. Completed it on coop with my toddler. Need to get the dlc.
  4. Avatar
    I played this xbox gamepass, couldn't get into it.
  5. Avatar
    I remember my friend going in about this game. I was hoping more of a diablo looter, not a small selection of locked stated guns.

    It ran really poorly on my gaming laptop, that I didn't play much off it before forgetting it existed.
  6. Avatar
    Found this by chance on GamePass and really enjoyed it. I don't think there is much replay value, but I'd have been quite happy paying this price for it for the hours I got out of it.
  7. Avatar
    (Technical question incoming) Has this game still got shader compilation issues on pc?

    I really like the look of it but was really put off by constant stutter in reviews /digital foundry analysis.
  8. Avatar
    Great rpg.
  9. Avatar
    Played and completed this on my Steam Deck. Fun game, but there is a lot of tracking back. Would imagine it's a lot more fun in co-op
  10. Avatar
    @ Instant Gaming for less than 5 Bucks... Why so hot?