[Steam] ToeJam & Earl - 99p - Humble Store

[Steam] ToeJam & Earl - 99p - Humble Store

Found 10th Sep 2017
Literally one of the best games that springs to mind when I think of the Sega Mega Drive - as well as Cool Spot, Sonic (obvs), Micro Machines, Castle of Illusion and so on...

Down from it's usual £3.99 price and on sale along the likes of...

ToeJam & Earl In Panic on Funkotron- 99p
Crazy Taxi - £1.39

In the Sega sale.

ToeJam & Earl™ are both highly funky aliens from the planet Funkotron. Recently they ran into a slight problem...

They were cruising in their highly funky, ultra cool, righteous rapmaster rocketship when Earl said he’d like a shot at driving. To cut a long story short, the rocketship is now in pieces spread over the most insane planet in the galaxy – planet Earth!

All they have to do now is find the ten pieces of their rocketship and they’re on their way. Doesn’t sound so hard does it?
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Amazing game. Back in the 90s. Can't wait for the new one.
I prefer Ren and Stimpy. I'm kidding, I loved these two homies, who didn't.
Oh! Cool spot! Blast from the past! My now wife and I used to play back in the day on my mega drive
Can I just say thank you so much for posting this! I used to play this when I was super young & I only ever knew it as "Fatso & Skinny" if you ever try looking that up it definitely doesn't come up with the game! I was so happy to see this!
Our favourite ever game on the Megadrive, so many great memories of playing it. Kept it all these years and still play it every now and then. For 99p it's a no-brainer! Heat added
i wonder if someone with a foot fetish bought this because its called toejam lol
Words can't describe how happy I am you posted this!!!
Pacman7869 h, 52 m ago

I prefer Ren and Stimpy. I'm kidding, I loved these two homies, who didn't.

Happy Happy Joy Joy....
Absolutely loved this game!
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