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Posted 9 October 2022

[Steam/PC] Hot Wheels Unleashed Free DLC (x11) Inc Fun Pack / Aston Martin DBS 2010 / Chevy 1956 + More - Free To Keep @ Steam Store

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

There's currently 11 pieces of DLC free at Steam - not sure if time based or whether they're free forever but here they are:

  • Fun Pack

This DLC includes 3 vehicles:

Fun is never enough. And if you are ready to exceed all limits, with HOT WHEELS™ - Fun Pack you'll take the thrills of racing to a whole new level!

Enjoy 3 free racing cars that made power their trademark. BMW M3 GT2, a magnificent grand touring race car, for all your journeys… on the podium. And then Invader™, a racing tank with a rocket launcher: try its explosive power! And finally, straight from the acclaimed series AcceleRacers, Rivited™, the legendary racing car of Taro Kitano of the Metal Maniacs.

Have fun crushing your opponents with their power and speed. Download HOT WHEELS™ - Fun Pack for free now!

  • Aston Martin DBS 2010

This car is sporty elegance itself. Aston Martin DBS 2010 combines the unmistakable design of the British brand with exceptional performance on the track thanks to its V12 engine. A classy speedster when you need to teach everyone a lesson. Even of style… because when you’ll cross the finish line and all eyes will be on you, you want to look your best! By far and away. Literally.

Driving the Aston Martin DBS 2010 you will find the perfect balance of power, beauty and sporting soul. Your rivals will only be able to admire you from afar! Add it to your collection now!

  • Hotweiler

Who’s a good boy? Well, not this car for sure. This untamed beast was obviously created with a ferocious Rottweiler in mind.

As the saying goes, barking dogs seldom bite… but Hotweiler™ certainly doesn't bark, and its opponents will have to experience first hand the brute force of its merciless bite. In the cargo bed, a huge chain tries - in vain - to control its incredible energy.

But this powerful car was born to run and jump: launch it on the track and it will bring you back great victories. HOT WHEELS™ - Hotweiler™ will be the driver's best friend and will guard your entire collection!

  • Mad Manga

We can describe it in a word: EXAGGERATED! This Japanese comics inspired speedster takes customization to a new level of insanity. Super aggressive lines, huge front air dam, accentuated fender fairings, extended exhaust pipes and - !! spoiler alert !! - oversized spoilers. With all these fantastic upgrades, Mad Manga™ doesn't just bring you victories... so get ready for colossal triumphs!

This crazy racing car will certainly not go unnoticed, especially when it crosses the finish line, and will be the highlight of every collection!

  • Chevy 1956

From one of the most famous shows of the ‘70s, this 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible is an icon of the last century and a true American classic. Just looking at it you get a sense of freedom and desire to travel. And when it comes to racing, it has plenty of treats in store.

An absolute beauty with pure white interiors and pure black body, sophisticated details, chrome bumpers, lights, and the iconic whitewall wheels. And not surprisingly, black and white are also the colors of the checkered flag, and with Chevy 1956 you will always be the first to see it! Add this gorgeous masterpiece to your collection now!

  • Night Burner

Its design somewhat resembles Deora II™, if it had undergone an otherworldly upgrade! Made to race in space, Night Burner™ doesn't hide all its power, on the contrary, it shows it off to intimidate its rivals! The center of its body features a giant turbine, the origin of its explosive force.

With Night Burner™ it won't be easy to stay grounded and thanks to its alien look, this racing car will make you a rising star of the races. Are you ready to dominate the racing universe? One last thing: make space in your collection for Night Burner™ now!

  • Mattel Dream Mobile

The futuristic look of this car seems to come straight out of a '50s sci-fi movie… but more than the future, this stunning design tells us about a piece of history. Mattel Dream Mobile™ was the first toy car created by Mattel™ in 1953, when Hot Wheels™ was still just a dream.

A wonderful tribute to the past and to the vision of tomorrow, this splendid bubble-topped convertible looks ready to take off or teleport directly to the finish line. The future of your opponents is filled with broken dreams! Wake up and add it to your collection now!

  • 2-Tuff

What’s in a name? A lot actually. The personality of 2-Tuff™ is all written in its name. Too tough for your opponents to even think about defeating it, and too wicked awesome to go unnoticed. This beautiful muscle-packed pick-up truck lives up to the hype.

And now, get ready to explore the meaning of another word: victory! Despite its massive size, the powerful V8 engine and sturdy body sculpted with aerodynamic details will make you fly straight to the finish line. Add 2-Tuff™ to your collection with the exclusive Highway Patrol livery and your opponents will be sentenced to defeat.

  • Christmas Pack

This DLC includes 3 vehicles:
Rockin' Santa Sled

At Christmas, it's the thought that counts… so think how awesome it would be to add 3 new cool vehicles to your collection. Wish granted! HOT WHEELS™ - Christmas Pack is our gift for you!

Let's start with Rockin' Santa Sled: the racing version of Santa's sleigh who for once will abandon his reindeers for a few hundred horse-power. With this car he could deliver gifts in half an hour!

And then there's Bazoomka™, a small compact jet with a huge front propeller and rear thrusters: it just flew away from an amusement park to land on your tracks.

And to top it off, one of the most desired cars by all AcceleRacers fans: Synkro™. With its huge rear wing, exposed engine and its racing set-up, it’s really a gifted contender for the championship!

  • Thanksgiving Pack

This DLC includes 3 vehicles:
Hot Seat™
Rigor Motor™
BMW 3.0 CSL Racing

It's time to say thank you, 3 times, with this free Thanksgiving pack, featuring 3 new vehicles for your collection... and they will not go unnoticed! Hot Seat™ is… well, that’s what we call a WC: a Wild Car. This toilet-on-wheels will be your number 1 - or sometimes number 2 - choice to flush the competition away. Because when you gotta go, you gotta go… right on top of the podium!

And when the race turns into a Death Match, bury your rivals with Rigor Motor™! A die-hard racing coffin with an exposed engine and a bat, perfect to find out if there is life after… the finish line. Driving this powerful car will be a hell of a ride!

Last but not least (and never last on the track) BMW 3.0 CSL Racing: even if the L in its name refers to the lightness of its body, when it comes to racing and beating its opponents this car has a lead foot!

  • Bye Focal II

Your opponents will need a good eye exam, because they will have a hard time seeing you when you’ll whiz past them at full speed! It's no wonder that Bye Focal™ II has a reputation for being one of the fastest cars ever. You won’t believe your eyes, Bye Focal™ II is a real vision: aggressive design, double color and transparent hood to reveal the engine. And of course, performance that will take you to victory in the blink of an eye.

What can we say... you don't really see many cars like this around! So get ready to say “Bye Bye” to your rivals and “Hello” to the finish line!
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