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SteamWorld complete bundle (Every SteamWorld game + DLCs + OSTs) £15.10 on Steam

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About this deal

To celebrate the launch of the demo for the latest iteration in the franchise, SteamWorld Build, Thunderful Publishing are holding a massive sale of the SteamWorld series games on Steam

SteamWorld Dig + OST
SteamWorld Dig 2 + OST
SteamWorld Quest + OST
SteamWorld Heist + The Outsider DLC + Hatbox: Hateful Eight + 2 DLC

Or buy them separately:
SteamWorld Dig - £1.07
SteamWorld Dig OST - £0.42
SteamWorld Dig 2 - £3.87
SteamWorld Dig 2 OST - £1.79
SteamWorld Quest - £5.62
SteamWorld Quest OST - £1.79
SteamWorld Heist - £1.70
SteamWorld Heist: The Outsider DLC - £0.99
SteamWorld Heist: Hatbox: Hateful Eight + 2 DLC - £0.52
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    i dont think OP realizes that bundles take into account the games you already own and split the difference as i own dig and heist and the bundle costs £12.75 for me and costs £15.10 for new buyers.
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    Do it include Build?
    I do hope that was a joke
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    I already have Steamworld Dig 2 in my library and it’s charging me £11.81… I imagine for others without any of these games it will charge £15.10 and not the headline figure of £9.53
    hmmm you're right. I think I made a mistake with my original pricing based on the games that were already in my library. I'll correct the deal price to £15.10
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    For me, it’s £11.91 and I have SteamWorld Dig, Heist and The Outsider (DLC)
    Thanks for highlighting!
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    Dig 2 is still the standout in the series for me.
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    Thanks OP bought 3 games and all DLC for less than a tenner so I’m happy with that… didn’t get the more expensive game though
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    These games are quality, an excellent buy