Steel Panther - Feel the Steel £5.99 @ Play + Quidco

Steel Panther - Feel the Steel £5.99 @ Play + Quidco

Found 26th May 2009
Awesome new album from the 80's glam metal band - bringing the good stuff to 2009
Can't really complain at this price, go buy it now.

Track listing

1. Death To All But Metal Album Version
2. Asian Hooker
3. Community Property
4. Eyes Of A Panther
5. Fat Girl
6. Eatin' Ain't Cheatin'
7. Party All Day
8. Turn Out The Lights
9. Stripper Girl
10. The Shocker
11. Girl From Oklahoma
12. Hell's On Fire

Check out their onslaught at…ass
They are also playing at Download festival this year so be sure to check them out and get the metal horns ready. Also playing a smaller venue in London 16th June if you're lucky enough to get tickets I'll see you there


Have to say that is one truely awful front cover. Love it! :-D

hahahaha... i will listen to these guys.

Love the likes of tigertailz, poison, faster pussycat and loads of other sleaze bands


Have to say that is one truely awful front cover. Love it! :-D

Hahah, that's the point. They're a joke band. Wigs and such like. They're all guys who used to be in real bands. One of the guitar players is really Russ Parrish who was in Fight with Rob Halford from Judas Priest, and the singer is really Ralph Saenz, who used to be in L.A. Guns.

Just look at their lyrics:

From 'Community Property':
"I would give you the stars in the sky but they're too far away
if you were a hooker you know I'd be happy to pay
If suddenly you were a guy I'd be suddenly gay
Coz my heart belongs to you
My love is pure and true
My heart belongs to you
But my c**k is community property"

From 'Turn Out The Lights':
"So you're big and kinda hairy
Like a monkey at the zoo
I don't care if you're a monkey
With an a** that's red and blue

Coz I'm gonna f*** you doggy-style
The way chihuahua's do
But I got one request
That I just have to ask of you

Turn out the lights before you suck my d***
Someone beat you with an ugly stick
I wanna f***, but you make me sick, so
Turn out the lights, Turn out the lights"

As for 'Death to All But Metal'...…d=0

Ha ha its like Bad News all over again.

Awesome album!

I listened to this cd twice through today . not laughed as much for a long time
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