SteelSeries Apex Keyboard - £15.99 - Game

SteelSeries Apex Keyboard - £15.99 - Game

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Found 5th May 2017
Hopefully more than one in stock. I picked up the [RAW] a couple of weeks ago for £12.99. Tidy little keyboards for the price.

Introducing the SteelSeries Apex, a gaming keyboard designed to enable users to react quickly, move strategically, and customize its performance for every game. Beyond just choosing from 16.8 Million colors, the Apex features SteelSeries ActiveZone lighting, a visual support tool allowing the user to independently customize each of its 5 zones and in multiple macro layers.

Low profile keys for great feel with short travel distance and fast response time
Ergonomically elevated F and macro keys
Media Controls
1000 Hz polling rate – 1ms response time
Anti ghosting (10 N-key rollover)
SteelSeries Engine drives everything including illumination, macros, and profiles
Zone Lighting (4 zones plus edges, Multi color, Variable Intensity LEDs)
Macro keys on the side and top (4 layers – 20 keys)
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There's 70 in-stock, apparently.
Ordered, thanks.
Mine was delivered on Wednesday and it's quite good. Not much noisy while pressing the keys.

Lets try again....had 1 of these and 1 of the raw ones (for my daughter) … Lets try again....had 1 of these and 1 of the raw ones (for my daughter) refunded last week oos, yet they have 70 you say? weird.Hopefully get one this time around.

Maxed out in the basket at 71 mate, so fingers crossed.
After seeing this post i very nearly bought one! though after reading some reviews, it would seem there are some issues with the keys wearing prematurely. I am quite rough with my keyboard so ill give this a miss.

Still worthy of some heat for occasional gamers though.
I have this one, good keyboard. The only issue that keys AWSD wearing our and they havent got replacment. reason why bought this again.
Seems like there only around 10 left in stock.
Guess I got a new keyboard to test out.
I keep missing this by a whisker
Now 60gbp?
Looks to be in stock for £60.26



Looks to be in stock for £60.26

Sold and Fulfilled by MoreFrom... so maybe Game is OOS
Great price, would be slightly concerned by the comment about key wear (something I have problems with, with many keyboards) but brilliant for the money.
Mine got dispatched, thanks for posting it up

Got one this time around..... got a dispatch this time. Thanks Buzz


Mine got dispatched, thanks for posting it up

Awesome news guys, I love a happy ending. Enjoy
Thanks Buzz... your a legend
Dispatched, awesome!
Arrived..... now in glorious technicolor!
Had some reservations about whether this would change colour all over the keyboard - like pulsing etc, and it does. Maybe not so good as others but that's fine.
Delivered today, cheers OP
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